IS THERE a politician, journalist or lawyer able to rescue Maurice Kirk from the State?

It’s his sister who poses this question on his official site. She knows what has been going on first hand. As a former Magistrate, she sees through shenanigans on both sides: victims and perpetrators.

But this is too much:

  • atrocious prison conditions – just as with Gloria Musa whom he has helped and Melissa Laird whom he has visited in HMP Holloway
  • his health being ruined by HMP Cardiff (since 14 October 2013) and now HMP Swansea
  • complete and utter prevention from letting him communicate as a Litigant in Person
  • so that his case is ‘disposed of’.


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McKENZIE FRIEND par excellence punished by MAPPA and Illegal Imprisonment with Torturous Conditions

Maurice has an extraordinary memory for all his experiences in and out of police stations and court rooms – as well as prison cells. After having been let out of HMP Cardiff for about a week, his ‘licence’ was revoked and he’s put into HMP Swansea.

I leave it to you to guess or find out why. Commentators on his official site express their valuable opinions.

Would you mind phoning the Governor Lauren Watson on 01792 485300 and get explanations for

  • only allowed one person to phone: his sister
  • only being allowed the use of 2nd class stamps
  • not being allowed to address envelopes to Courts, while he is trying to get his Civil Claim against South Wales Police settled.

Or would you just send a message via He’s prisoner no. A7306AT. It costs £5 to start sending messages at 30p for 2,500 characters. Continue reading

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WHO’S AFRAID of Maurice Kirk? South Wales Police plus ???

I got a phone call this morning so I had confirmed what was put on his website yesterday:

  • he was released into a ‘bail hostel’ in Swansea under Draconian conditions
  • furthermore, he is on MAPPA level 3, i.e. he is considered to be as dangerous as top level terrorists
  • for him it means a repeat of the SHOOT TO KILL licence – when he was on MAPPA before.

Continue reading

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PREPARATION for Civil Court Case with Judge Seys Llewellyn

14 05 13 HMP Civil Court CaseTwo months after we delivered his laptop to HMP Cardiff, Maurice gets this letter from Mr Alex Reed, Head of Res & Services.

What ‘service’ did it take to deliver the laptop???

Will HHJ Seys Llewellyn be happy with this ‘prompt delivery’ and ‘enforcement of his judgement’?

Mind the gaps:

  • between ‘the law’ and its enforcement;
  • between HMCTS Cardiff and HMP Cardiff;
  • between HMCTS Wales and HMCTS England…

I.e. Yesterday Maurice received a document under his cell door that said he’d be in court in Bristol TODAY for… a BAIL APPLICATION. Here’s his sister’s report about why he refused to go.

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NO PERSECUTION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION – what Robert Green, Maurice Kirk (and others) have in common

Robert Green is the promoter of the Hollie Greig campaign which accuses the Scottish establishment of paedophilia and lack of Police investigation. Instead, Robert has been incarcerated in Scotland, as an Englishman, and despite his age of 68 and his heart condition – since 14 February 2014, with bail refused three times. Here’s a petition for you to sign to release him.

On his way between prison in Perth and court in Aberdeen he came up with the slogan NO PERSECUTION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION!

How significant on soo many levels in Scotland, Wales, England and, in particular, prisons!

Sounds familiar? Maurice has been inside since 14 October 2013 and was recently sentenced to 8 months on two charges. He has been trying to find legal representation for years. His cases should be consolidated and ‘packaged’ into one against South Wales Police, but:

  • as a Litigant in Person he lacks ‘equality of arms’ for starters;
  • even after years of studying the law, as many victims of white collar crimes have done, it is difficult to use the right procedures and present the right points in law;
  • legal professionals make ‘deals': they negotiate with each other;
  • barristers and judges write orders out before hearings;
  • who knows whether all evidence presented ever gets read – but it is the basis for charging ‘professional’ fees.

Crown Prosecutors have been found to be as corrupt as all other representatives of the legal profession.

At this point, it is clear that Maurice would be better off, if he were represented. But when the prison claims that Maurice didn’t want to see a barrister, you feel the arm of South Wales Police pulling all strings again.

The Government has lost control, says Maurice. Did it ever have it, I wonder?

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ON BEHALF OF Maurice Kirk in HMP Cardiff: emailing those who could make a difference – from outside the UK

14 04 23 Files go to Knox Road 2For the personal attention of
Mr. Michael Spurr, Chief Executive, National Offender Management Service
Nick Hardwick, Her Majesty’s Inspector of Prisons                    

Dear Sirs


We note your interest in preventing deaths in custody. Maurice Kirk’s is a current case that requires the immediate investigation of Cardiff Prison. There appears to be interference by police, the full extent of which is as yet unknown. Who exactly they are liaising with is unknown, but presumably this goes to the very top and includes the NHS. Regardless, Governor, Steve Cross, must be held accountable.

Civil Prisoner, Maurice Kirk, has needed urgent surgery for several months. He is being denied medical attention.

Please note, Mr. Hardwick, that I informed you of this situation on March 11, 2014, and yet the human rights abuse continues. Mr. Kirk is sixty-nine years old, and this is nothing short of elder abuse. I never received so much as a courtesy acknowledgement from you.

Will you please ensure that you prevent his death, and that he gets the medical attention he requires, so that you do not have blood on your hands? I believe he is also being denied access to contacts who will help him with his case, and that his phone calls are being monitored by South Wales Police, against whom he has launched civil action, in order to further their defence in litigation. It is obvious, therefore, that justice is being perverted and the Rule of Law is not being upheld. I am advised that Mr. Kirk has been denied some visitors by blacklisting those that can help him with legal matters. It is imperative that this matter be investigated and that whoever is orchestrating this is exposed.

Will you both please respond to me immediately, and confirm that the matter will be investigated without further delay. This case is very much in the public eye worldwide, and in the public interest. All public servants reading this email have a duty of care to ensure that this matter is fully investigated, and that Mr. Kirk’s rights are restored.

Yours faithfully,

Continue reading

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HAPPY EASTER for Maurice in HMP Cardiff since 14 October? First with ‘lifers’ now ‘druggies’…

20140224_164701[1]Yesterday, I had three phone messages from Maurice. Remember that for quite some time South Wales Police didn’t allow him to phone me, as mentioned in open court! Here we delivered his laptop and some of his files on 24 February. I understand he still hasn’t had them…

1 404 23 Files go to Knox RoadHe wanted to wish me Happy Easter and Bonnes Paques, as they say in French.

since then, these files were delivered to him. But will he get to see them?

He is locked up with nobody to talk to: ‘druggies’ have been turned into zombies. Before, on the ‘lifers’ wing, he got involved with people’s cases and discovered that prisoners are advised:

  • to plead ‘guilty’ for things they didn’t do
  • to plead ‘not guilty’ for things they did do.

Apparently this is the best way for lawyers to ensure getting paid via the public Legal Aid mechanism…

Meanwhile, his sister wrote this excellent summary:

I am sister to Maurice John KIRK (dob 12.3.45) who is currently being held in Cardiff Prison awaiting sentence for a trumped up crime. He is thus unable to furnish information personally. I live in Jersey but was in Cardiff last month and attended a ‘victims of ABMU’ meeting on Tuesday 26th March 2014 in Bridgend.  Continue reading

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