Dear BBC, does #MagnaCarta apply to #mauricekirk? Can you get #FairTrials 4 him?

One of Maurice’s supporters wrote:

Dear BBC

You feature the Magna Carta and its anniversary date in your news programme. You tell us that enshrined in the Magna Carta is the right to a fair trial and that right is still relevant today.  Tell that to Maurice Kirk who is languishing in a Welsh Prison.  He is  being denied almost every  basic human right going, these human rights are suppose to be set in stone, he is even being denied a critical operation. If you treated a dog like this you would be prosecuted. You paint such a rosy picture. Please BBC come to the rescue of 69 year old Maurice John Kirk an honest, honourable and very principled  man to say the least, surely it’s your duty.

We therefore now have a petition where every signer triggers an email to the BBC and to two Ministers of Justice. It is based on Tony Gosling’s interview with Maurice’s sister that he turned into a beautiful video and says:

Investigate South Wales Police, Welsh Judiciary, Prisons and whoever pulls the strings in London to Release Maurice [A7306AT] from HMP Swansea asap!

A short link is

PLEASE sign!

Thank You!!!

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OPEN EMAIL 2 #HMPSwansea #Governor after visit by #Prison #Inspector Nick Hardwick #mauricekirk

Dear Governor


In the wake of Mr Nick Hardwick’s inspection of HMP Swansea, this is to ask what prevents you from ensuring that Mr Kirk

  1. gets the medical attention he has been needing for weeks;
  2. can telephone not only his sister but also his McKenzie Friends and has access to his money for that purpose;
  3. can advance his proceedings as directed by HHJ Seys Llewellyn, since he has to act as Litigant in Person?

More on and

Whilst writing, can you assure me that emails sent via Email a Prisoner do get delivered, and with what kind of delay?

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Yours faithfully,

Sabine K McNeill


Co-Founder, Association of McKenzie Friends, > 30,000 visits since Feb 2012
assisting Litigants in Person as Public Interest Advocates

Blogger, Victims Unite! > 360,000 visits since August 2010
… empowering victims of financial exploitation and legal oppression 

Web publisher and McKenzie Friend, Flying Vet and Flying Vet challenges South Wales Police
… advancing the Cause for Litigants in Person: > 24,000 visitors since August 2010

WANTED: Fair Trials and Compensation > 500 signatures & 14,300 page views
… painfully renewed in its necessity as the Flying Vet is in HMP Swansea with a serious medical condition

Organiser, Forum for Stable Currencies – meetings in Westminster since 1998
… advocating Economic Democracy through Freedom from National Debt


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LITIGANT in Person, in wheelchair imprisoned with trumped up charges #SouthWalesPolice

14 09 29 Position State 14 09 30 Position State 14 10 06 Position State 14 10 01 Obstruction to MedicalCare DrJones 14 10 04 Why Not Arrest EvansThe Flying Vet Maurice Kirk should be celebrated for his activities as pilot and veterinary surgeon. But South Wales Police have been after him for some 20 years and managed to get his licence revoked, besides keeping him fraudulently in prison for a total of some 4 years.

This time he’s been in HMP Cardiff and HMP Swansea since 14 October 2013 and South Wales Police want to keep him until March 2015.

BUT now that Maurice had the luck of a Prison Inspectorate three day visit to Swansea, he has found his condition slightly eased to include:

  • use of free letters to court
  • use of recorded delivery service
  • more ‘association time’
  • staff actually doing a few things eg Dr visiting him in situ,
  • delivery of a held up letter from 3rd July 2014 etc
  • more access to printing.

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WHAT IS a Parole Board for when it’s fed false information? #mauricekirk is obviously expected to die inside!

14 09 08 Position Statement Defendants Tactics p1Maurice was at last seen by the ‘Parole Board‘ at HMP Swansea which consisted of Sally Powell, his probation /offender manager, who appears to work to orders issued by MAPPA council stationed at Barry Police Station and the resident probation officer of the prison.


After rigorous questioning/cross 14 09 08 Position Statement Defendants Tactics p2examination the Barry Offender Manager admitted that his licence was withdrawn due to behaviour issues reported to them verbally without any supporting paperwork from the doctor’s surgery where he denied he had been overbearing to staff when asking about his cancelled operation appointment for acute and increasing stomach pains. Continue reading

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HOW MANY PEOPLE does it take to cover up South Wales Police’s shenanigans #mauricekirk?

14 09 12 Position Statement14 10 06 Application for Writ of Habeas CorpusMaurice’s story includes his most recent position statement on the left.

Over the years he has been showing up, inter alia:

  • that South Wales Police repainted the machine gun he had purchased as part of an aeroplane
  • that some 80% of his court cases derived from extreme and excessive bullying and harassment were won on appeal
  • that Dr T W, formerly of Caswell Clinic, was used to write a false medical report to get him behind the bars of a mental hospital forever and the General Medical Council can’t do anything about that
  • that HMP Cardiff was used to ruin his health with negligence
  • that his civil appeal procedures were seriously stifled by preventing him from communicating with courts and the outside world – as we’ve observed with many other prisoners
  • that HMP Swansea follow suit by imposing equally bad prison conditions.

Here are some of his documents as evidence, while his former wife has applied for Habeas Corpus.

14 08 13 Abuse of Process – his letter to Barry Police Station about their way of using MAPPA as a pretext for gross abuse of process in prison, probation, courts and even medically;

14 09 04 Recall to Custody Appeal – requests for evidence;

14 09 08 Malicious Prosecution – 25 questions to Barry Police Station regarding their malicious prosecution without trial, after they ‘recalled’ him to custody from a bail hostel;

14 09 10 19 November Appeal – a list of court letters that have not been responded to – for his civil claims appeal to be heard on 19 November this year.



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McKENZIE FRIEND @ Bristol Crown Court #FairTrial? Justified #imprisonment? Proper #prisonconditions?

English: Bristol Guildhall. Now used as County...

English: Bristol Guildhall. Now used as County Court (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

TERENCE EWING has been accompanying Maurice’s case for a while. He is an ace in case law and generally the sharpest McKenzie Friend I’ve come across – assisting individuals as well as advocating the public interest.


I arrived at Bristol Crown Court at around 9.15 am, and was told that Mr. Kirk was being brought from Swansea but that they didn’t have a time of arrival.  The custody officer informed me that they may have more information later.

I waited outside and met another campaigner who had a similar tale to Mr. Kirk’s, complaining of torture and persecution by the Bristol judges and Somerset and Avon Police.

About 10 to 10, an Geo Amery Van arrived opposite but didn’t go into the court building.  I don’t know if Mr. Kirk was inside it.  I then met Mrs. Janet Kirk, and we went up to court 6 with Judge Longman.

There was a barrister, a Mr. Tucker, representing the CPS who was local, and I think he had appeared before in Mr. Kirk’s case.  The court clerk informed all present that Mr. Kirk was refusing to get out of the van, as the custody staff wouldn’t allow the wheelchair that he had been brought to the court in to be used to transport him from the cells to the court room, as it belonged to Swansea Prison.

More enquiries were being madeby phone to the custody suite, and the court clerk wanted to know if Mr. Kirk was prepared to walk into the court as there were some steps into it.  Continue reading

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COURT HEARINGS for disabled Litigant in Person? Why should we bother? We’re just doing our job… to the dot…

Maurice’s sister writes: I have just received a call from Maurice from SWANSEA Jail!

Although he was not supposed to travel with a wheelchair, it was placed aboard the transport.

Once at Bristol Crown Court, the custody staff told him he was not allowed to use the Swansea chair. He sat in the transport ‘in the yard’. They refused to wheel him up the front ramps for other visitors to the court house and stated that the court house did not have its own chair nor a system of getting prisoners with mobility problems into court!

This means he was never presented to the Court in front of HHJ Longman which, as he had no legal representation is a terrible indictment of British Justice.

He has yet to hear the outcome of the court proceedings. If they were delayed, it is a disgraceful waste of taxpayers money; if the hearing went ahead without the defendant nor a representative in court, it was a gross injustice.

To Disability Rights UK she writes:

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