McKENZIE FRIEND @ Bristol Crown Court #FairTrial? Justified #imprisonment? Proper #prisonconditions?

English: Bristol Guildhall. Now used as County...

English: Bristol Guildhall. Now used as County Court (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

TERENCE EWING has been accompanying Maurice’s case for a while. He is an ace in case law and generally the sharpest McKenzie Friend I’ve come across – assisting individuals as well as advocating the public interest.


I arrived at Bristol Crown Court at around 9.15 am, and was told that Mr. Kirk was being brought from Swansea but that they didn’t have a time of arrival.  The custody officer informed me that they may have more information later.

I waited outside and met another campaigner who had a similar tale to Mr. Kirk’s, complaining of torture and persecution by the Bristol judges and Somerset and Avon Police.

About 10 to 10, an Geo Amery Van arrived opposite but didn’t go into the court building.  I don’t know if Mr. Kirk was inside it.  I then met Mrs. Janet Kirk, and we went up to court 6 with Judge Longman.

There was a barrister, a Mr. Tucker, representing the CPS who was local, and I think he had appeared before in Mr. Kirk’s case.  The court clerk informed all present that Mr. Kirk was refusing to get out of the van, as the custody staff wouldn’t allow the wheelchair that he had been brought to the court in to be used to transport him from the cells to the court room, as it belonged to Swansea Prison.

More enquiries were being madeby phone to the custody suite, and the court clerk wanted to know if Mr. Kirk was prepared to walk into the court as there were some steps into it.  Continue reading

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COURT HEARINGS for disabled Litigant in Person? Why should we bother? We’re just doing our job… to the dot…

Maurice’s sister writes: I have just received a call from Maurice from SWANSEA Jail!

Although he was not supposed to travel with a wheelchair, it was placed aboard the transport.

Once at Bristol Crown Court, the custody staff told him he was not allowed to use the Swansea chair. He sat in the transport ‘in the yard’. They refused to wheel him up the front ramps for other visitors to the court house and stated that the court house did not have its own chair nor a system of getting prisoners with mobility problems into court!

This means he was never presented to the Court in front of HHJ Longman which, as he had no legal representation is a terrible indictment of British Justice.

He has yet to hear the outcome of the court proceedings. If they were delayed, it is a disgraceful waste of taxpayers money; if the hearing went ahead without the defendant nor a representative in court, it was a gross injustice.

To Disability Rights UK she writes:

Continue reading

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MAURICE KIRK’s Sister on Bristol’s Dialect Radio: with Tony Gosling about ‘Rough Justice’

An excellent interview and an excellent account of how Maurice is being bullied and harassed by South Wales Police – in collaboration with HMP Cardiff, Swansea and HMCTS Court Services:

  • one battle after another to fight
  • so that, eventually, he’ll die before he could possibly win his civil damage case against South Wales Police:
  • no medical attention
  • no printing facilities to submit documents to the Court
  • 17 imprisonments altogether.

Please note also his official site with Latest News.

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IT IS NOW MORE URGENT THAN EVER to finalise my judgement – Printed Letters from Jail at long last!

14 09 12 HHJ Seys Llewellyn_000114 09 12 HHJ Seys Llewellyn_0002“They are throwing everything now bar the kitchen sink!” Maurice writes from HMP Swansea which includes this excellent letter by HHJ Seys Llewellyn, the best of the over 10 judges Maurice had dealings with.

14 09 12 Position Statement

14 09 09 Treacle Treatment

14 07 10 STOP PRESS

14 09 04 Position Statement

He has been trying to ensure that Maurice gets access to his papers, a laptop and printing facilities, since his hand writing is soo bad, partly due to arthritis.

As a result, we got two up to date position statements and a press release from July, besides the daily ‘treacle treatment’ of HMP Cardiff and / or Swansea. Continue reading

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WHEN THE SYSTEM of institutions is afraid of whistleblowers, challengers and ‘dissidents’ – just as in USSR

I only know the top 4 of these whistleblowers who are victims of a ‘special brand':

But it is clear:

  • free-spirited men are for male-dominated institutions what self-thinking women are in couple relationships: a threat to Power and Control
  • the grand lesson of life, how to love ourselves so that we can love others, is particularly hard to learn in the pseudo-lives presented to us by mainstream media
  • the 1% are as attracted by Power and Control as the 99% are prone to Love and Kindness…

Olivia Goldhill is addressing a part of the issue in The Telegraph: When innocent men go to jail: miscarriages of justice in Britain.

But when the ‘Gulag card‘ is being played, it is serious! I was told of a couple yesterday who are going to be ‘sectioned’ [sent to a mental hospital] for having dropped a cigarette in the street in Swansea!

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BAD DOCTORS ‘retire to avoid hearings’ and the GMC has no responsibility

14 08 29 The Telegraph_0001So he is not alone that former Director of Caswell Clinic who claimed that Maurice had ‘serious brain damage possibly brain cancer‘…  He is one of many who avoid accountability by retiring, as Steven Swinford, the Senior Political Correspondent writes in The Telegraph.

Maurice sent this clipping. The online title is Doctors escaping disciplinary hearings by taking early retirement.

For 6 weeks he was deprived of The Telegraph as his daily intelligent input! Even visiting the library wasn’t allowed since Christmas!

Furthermore, the General Medical Council GMC is not responsible, as this letter  Continue reading

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SERIOUS TERRORIST or Common Criminal – is that the question? Maybe he knows too much!???

14 08 13 MJK Offender Manager_0001I know one woman who has changed from victim to starfighter and Super McKenzie Friend after “she knew too much”. Hence she was put away into HMP Holloway and released with a ‘community treatment order’, i.e. an injection every month. Maurice and Norman Scarth call it the Gulag Card. 

Here, on the left, Maurice writes about ‘Abuse of Process’ to the Offender Manager, HMP Governor, Alun Cairns MP, the GMC and Cardiff Crown Court: 

  • Maurice was registered MAPPA level 3 (serious terrorist) on 08 June 2009 and de-registered on 17 December 2009
  • on 04 June 2014 he was re-registered level 3 and reduced to level 2 (common criminal) on 18 July 2014.

This year’s MAPPA exercise seems to have had one purpose only, to be able to ‘recall’ from his ‘bail on tag’ where he was only ‘free’ for one hour at time. 

On 21 August he writes that 

  • he was driven to Bristol Crown Court, but turned back at Newport
  • he saw a new doctor who ‘appears concerned’.

Continue reading

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