THEY’RE ALL IN IT together: Police, Prisons, Judiciary, Medics despite 35 days of hunger strike in HMP Cardiff

While Maurice is still on hunger strike, 35th day, he has at least been moved to the hospital wing. I am told by someone who has been there, that hospital wings in prison are ‘mental health units’, i.e. the precursor for sectioning, if not worse, as Andy McCardle has experienced.

Yes, I’m afraid it couldn’t be worse. I have seen and heard too much by now. And, “ironically”, the oldest veteran / McKenzie Friend / starfighter / campaigner of all, Norman Scarth, now 88 but in Ireland for his safety, had written this letter – in 2009 – to and about the doctor who is responsible for Maurice’s misery since then – after South Wales Police managed to get him struck off as a veterinary surgeon. How much can institutions haunt an individual and how much can an individual endure???

But when you read that Dr Hibbert was cleared of all wrong-doings, enabling child snatching big time, you cannot but sigh with dis-belief or at least open your eyes to a world that you wish wasn’t real. But it is…

Here’s the video interview taken when Maurice was arrested on 14 October.

And here’s the indictment why he’s still in prison six months later – on remand! Two counts:

  1. breaching a restraining order spreading information on the internet about that doctor
  2. threatening to damage property…

Why is he not let out on bail? Because ‘they’ smirk and welcome the opportunity to let him die. People without heart, soul or conscience. That’s our spiritual battle!

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VISITING CARDIFF – Maurice Kirk in Prison and Victims of Child Snatchers in pub

20140224_164719[1]Yes, truth is stranger than fiction. And Buddha’s illusionary world is much ‘nicer’ than the harsh realities that we need to meet when people are telling their stories about how their children were taken – by force – without paperwork. Justifications are being invented after the event. Courts are used to legitimise the take. And Social Services get rewards. Bonus points and payments. That’s government policy. That’s what John Hemming MP points out in this interview on Russia Today.

After having visited Maurice in HMP Cardiff on the 28th day of his hunger strike, I met David Paul Jenkins who has been fighting for his 4 sons since 2002 and a mother and grandmother whose girl was taken by force in May 2012. He organises Stolen Children of the UK on Facebook and an annual demo outside Downing Street.

I put the pattern that we have observed into the Witness Statement on behalf of the Musas. Maurice had gone to prison while trying to get files from their solicitors – who didn’t help but hinder – but that is part of the pattern:

1)      Children, especially of foreigners, are being snatched by Local Councils in the following manner: Continue reading

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LITIGANTS in PERSON in Courts and Prisons – where do we go from here in our supposed ‘austerity times’?

English: Royal Charter Memorial. Another view ...

English: Royal Charter Memorial. Another view of the Royal Charter Memorial at Moelfre. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Firstly: HANDS OFF OUR UNIONS and RESIST AUSTERITY are the slogans for a rally organised by the People’s Assembly on Tuesday, 11 February at 6.30 in London.

Secondly, these ‘end of the week’ reflections come after I visited Maurice together with a regular supporter from Cardiff. My report on his 10th day of hunger strike is here on his website.

Thirdly, I was reminded of this excellent 13-page Affidavit by American Suzon Forscey-Moore RIP on behalf of a US victim of Lloyds Names – in 2006 – with these excerpts:

Para 3: The true nature of the English legal system should be properly established for the protection of past and future investors who are citizens of the United States and other jurisdictions as English courts are, despite their considerable reputation, neither fair nor impartial.

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ON M J KIRK BVSc – IQ 133 – A7306AT in HMP Cardiff – by Medical Anthropologist and Independent Forensic Psychiatrist

14 02 04 Dr Dave Barker page 1It pays to pay for good and for bad experts!

When South Wales Police selected the then Director of Caswell Clinic, they made a seemingly good choice for them, albeit torturous for Maurice.

But despite all the bullying, harassment and torture inside HMP Cardiff, despite all the white collar crimes in and around the Magistrate and Crown Courts and Police, Maurice was found by someone who is independent, i.e. not ‘bribable’, commissioned by Cardiff Crown Court!!!

His report is 27 pages long, but I’ll only find out when I see Maurice at long last on Thursday whether he’ll want me to publish it. His sister only objected to him referring to their mum as having had dementia. I think it should replace the bio on his own website that has unfortunately been used for very strange comments by very dubious commentators…

On Monday, Maurice returned the sandwiches as, for the second Monday, I was not allowed to see him. He only wants to eat a piece of chocolate, once he sees me inside! There were three hurdles:  Continue reading

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DEAR ALUN CAIRNS MP: 25 breaches of regulations in HMP Cardiff on HUNGER STRIKE since Monday

14 01 27 Alun Cairns MPHere is Maurice’s latest missive from inside HMP Cardiff:


Arrested 14th October 2013 and incarcerated on both fabricated charges and antecedent history. Breaches of prison regulations include:

  1. Denied access to bail officer to arrange release
  2. Denied facilities to interview my witnesses today
  3. Denied facilities to examine Police CD and DVD
  4. Denied for 3 months access to my own bank account
  5. Denied for 2 months access to my car key to get evidence
  6. Denied this week any canteen to buy stamps and phone calls
  7. Denied cross examination or appeals to punishments
  8. Denied proper notice for court appearances
  9. Denied reasonable access to any law books (3 30 minute visits to library allowed)
  10. Police ‘VISOR’ labelled ‘sex offender’ fabricated to oppose bail Continue reading
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MAURICE’s BEAUTIFUL BRAIN – in 2009 – after he was not shot and not carted to Ashworth Psychiatric High Security Prison

14 01 23 Bautiful BrainNewcomers to this veteran in exposing and challenging South Wales Police cannot appreciate the significance of this brain scan.

I met him first, when he attended one of the meetings I used to organise at the House of Lords.

He had just come out of psychiatric Caswell Clinic where he had spent some seven months: Maurice Kirk - The Flying Vet

Hindsight makes it clear:

  1. South Wales Police (SWP) used MAPPA to have the ‘legalised permission’ to shoot him – for he has enough evidence against them to win his claim for civil damages – but SWP can’t allow that to happen, can they!? They’d rather commit crimes to cover up crimes – just as Haringey Council and Haringey Police: same abuse of power, process and authority.
  2. SWP paid the Director of Caswell Clinic to write a medical report that said Maurice had significant brain damage, possibly cancer, so that he could be locked up and away for life – in Ashworth High Security psychiatric prison. That’s what Norman Scarth has been campaigning against, for he shares that kind of horrible experience with Maurice. His report is on this post on Maurice’s site.

The above scan and this report say:

Intracranial appearances are within normal limits, with no evidence of bleed or fracture. Continue reading

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THREE REASONS for Bail: Fabricated Police Forensics, All Clear Brain Scan, Appalling Conditions for Litigant in Person

In this latest bail application Maurice puts it in a nutshell why, really, he should NOT be kept in HMP Cardiff any more. In fact, the prison don’t WANT him any more, as he’s complaining too much!

But then the question also rises whether he should have been arrested and remanded in the first place.  Here he lists his reasons for bail:

  1. Fabricated Police Forensic History, i.e. South Wales Police have invented allegations, accusations and charges;
  2. 28th November 2013 clear MRI brain scan; i.e. Dr TW’s diagnosis of 2009 that was repeatedly relied upon by various judges, was wrong;
  3. Appalling Cardiff Prison conditions for a litigant in person; i.e. he is not only prevented from advancing his legal proceedings, but also submitted to assaults and all sorts of punishment – when, in fact, he’s been investigating crimes and now got the proof!

Tuesday will tell!

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