THREE REASONS for Bail: Fabricated Police Forensics, All Clear Brain Scan, Appalling Conditions for Litigant in Person

In this latest bail application Maurice puts it in a nutshell why, really, he should NOT be kept in HMP Cardiff any more. In fact, the prison don’t WANT him any more, as he’s complaining too much!

But then the question also rises whether he should have been arrested and remanded in the first place.  Here he lists his reasons for bail:

  1. Fabricated Police Forensic History, i.e. South Wales Police have invented allegations, accusations and charges;
  2. 28th November 2013 clear MRI brain scan; i.e. Dr TW’s diagnosis of 2009 that was repeatedly relied upon by various judges, was wrong;
  3. Appalling Cardiff Prison conditions for a litigant in person; i.e. he is not only prevented from advancing his legal proceedings, but also submitted to assaults and all sorts of punishment – when, in fact, he’s been investigating crimes and now got the proof!

Tuesday will tell!

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YOU CAN ONLY BELIEVE the Un-Believable when you know the people concerned: victims, survivors and starfighters

Maurice has been showing up ‘the system’ [of people 'just doing their job'] and helping other victims as McKenzie Friend for over 30 years. He still believes that the right people in Parliament and the right judges in Courts could make a difference. Even the right solicitors and barristers. But he can’t find any to take on his case.

I’m a systems analyst. I was victimised by the legal team of my former employer CERN and their colluding doctors. In the UK, I only have an axe to grind with my landlord and have thus experienced first hand how a bailiff grabbed the keys of my mum’s car from my hands and how his solicitor raided my bank accounts. It’s supposedly legal, as I allegedly owe him money. I’ll hear about it in court, despite counter claim and appeal…

Meanwhile: Maurice is in a cell in HMP Cardiff, allowed to be out for one hour a day. Seriously badly mis-treated, assaulted, not getting medical treatment, visits allowed occasionally only, and certainly not enough to keep his legal proceedings going. Instead, they keep adding reasons for him to fight and fight and fight.

Four proceedings have recently been written up and published on his blog, while Melissa whom he visited in HMP Holloway, is at least warm in Washington, while sleeping in her wheelchair since she has no bed – after the authorities deported her ‘without reception and rehabilitation’ whilst keeping her son for adoption…

What happens in Family Courts is yet more beyond belief: Continue reading

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HMP Cardiff: Paid to be Cruel, Criminal and Torturous?

13 12 02 MJK Prison complaints_000113 12 02 MJK Prison complaints_000213 12 02 MJK Prison complaints_000313 12 02 MJK Prison complaints_0004A big part of me can’t cope with the kind of prison conditions I’ve learned about from visiting Gloria and Chiwar Musa, Melissa Laird and Maurice in different prisons. I feel too help- and powerless, despite Maurice’s sister reminding me that I am not…

What would you do if you got these attempts by Maurice

  1. to get his passport back from the Police – as in this interview
  2. to get medically examined after he was assaulted in HMP Cardiff and can’t walk any more
  3. to get crutches so that he can get to the phone
  4. to get pain killers not just from other inmates on the ‘lifers’ wing where he has been put, while technically ‘on remand’, i.e. without any charges
  5. to be allowed photocopying so that he can advance his legal proceedings as ‘Litigant in Person’?

For more complaints visit his website and read the comments by supporters… I can only do so much…

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LEARNING by DOING: Law in Courts and Enforcement in Police and Prison Cells

13 11 28 MJK Dr David Seeley13 11 28 MJK Prison Reform Trust13 04 12 Varied Restraining Order
First things first: in his 20 year running claim for damages against South Wales Police (SWP) – for ruining his professional life as a vet, his business life as a property owner, his love for being a pilot and his private life by straining his marriage beyond all limits – there is one individual target: the doctor who helped SWP by claiming that he has ‘significant brain damage, possibly brain cancer‘ – in 2009, if I remember correctly.

Maurice is in prison since 14 October, on remand, without any of his supporters having seen the charges. He seems to have asked whether he has to burn the doctor’s house down before he can get some justice.

So, while in prison, he’s now found himself a ‘secretary’! Someone whose writing I like especially, because he makes little circles for every dot on the i. Helps a lot, as the ‘Kirk script’ is not easy to decipher.

So you see above

  • the typed ‘varied restraining order’ to keep Maurice away from that doctor and
  • a letter to the prison doctor
  • and the Prison Reform Trust, asking for a brain scan – to prove or disprove the wisdom of Dr Tegwyn Williams.

On the website of Caswell Clinic, he’s still listed as Director. But I hear of many suicides among teenagers due to his ‘governance’…

And his own witness statement regarding Maurice’s attempts to get to truth and justice on his own website, in particular on Prison Psychiatrist refers Maurice to a Neurologist and more from the Good Doctor.

Then there is the letter of a Legal Advisor of HM Courts & Tribunal Service. For Maurice challenges everybody at any level – as if he was ducking and diving with a plane between people and organisations. A careful 3-page cover letter is followed by 38 paragraphs regarding ‘stating a case’.

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CREDIBILITY of Police ZERO in Public Administration Committee of House of Commons

This was the session of the Public Administration Select Committee – as recorded by Parliament TV.

This was my write-up on Victims Unite!

This is the Oath of Attestation, published by whistleblower PC James Patrick. He gave evidence before the Committee in the House of Commons yesterday.

And this is the evidence submitted by Dr Rodger Patrick, a retired Chief Inspector.

Paul Flynn MP referred to a trustworthy constituent who pointed to freemasonry in the Police.

And here is the latest falsified evidence used by South Wales Police on Maurice’s main site, as he is ‘on remand’ on the wing of ‘lifers’ who keep burgling his cell.

I understand that peers are currently looking into South Wales Police.

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PAVING THE WAY to High Security Prison Ashworth – AGAIN!!!???…

page 1page 2page 3page 4page 5

Maurice (now 68)‘s latest experiences in HMP Cardiff are soo horrendous that one should tell them as fiction, as they are soo un-believable.

But life seems to be ‘shock therapy in disillusionment’, until we wake up to oppose deception.

Here’s the five-page ‘witness statement’ by the doctor who kept him in his clinic for nearly seven months in 2009 – as a first step to the high security mental hospital / prison Ashworth.

And here he writes to his MP Alun Cairns who has already written to the Governor of HMP Cardiff and to John Hemming MP who takes also great interest in white collar crimes:

  1. I have received a written warning following my visit to ‘reception’ to obtain release of my car kay.
  2. Five prison staff were present when they refused to establish if f it was there or not.
  3. Independent Monitoring Board was denied an explanation by dramatic faced to face confrontation when showing the gentleman the door!
  4. Three, so far, recorded delivery letters to my lawyer, witness and Sabine McNeill have never arrived since 24th October 13 applications.
  5. I continue being denied use of my debit card to prepare for numerous court actions.

Please send, sealed Rule 39, your communications with Mr Batty, HM Governor.

Thank You.

This time Maurice is on remand after he threatened to burn down the house of that doctor – with the ‘diagnosis’ of ‘significant brain damage, possibly cancer’. Continue reading

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FROM inside HMP Cardiff: Welcome to Perfidious Albion or Filthy Britain…

13 10 31 Position StatementMaurice is ‘inside’ once again – since 14 October: without charge or conviction, on the wing for ‘lifers’, treated like one of the worst criminals. Albeit ‘on remand’, he is not given any rights whatsoever and one wonders: WHO benefits? WHO gives the orders necessary for staff to carry them out?

Just like Melissa Laird was, is Maurice now inside to demonstrate and highlight HOW bad the whole system is that claims to deliver ‘democracy’, ‘law and order’ and ‘justice’?

Who will do what

Who creates the gaps between: Continue reading

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