Round Robin Emails

10 10 12:E-Campaigning for Justice – on humanitarian grounds

10 10 15: Fighting for Access to Medical Records

10 11 04: Warrant for Arrest (for how long?) while Seeking Asylum in France

One Response to Round Robin Emails

  1. Riddy Parker says:

    to add to your Malfeasance try malversation,defalcate fraud perjury collusion
    corruption and all things connected to criminality.
    Corrupt judges to include Carson Bidder Regan Imbecilic Hendicott
    Sherlock, ex convict Seys LLewellyn, Phillips
    Corrupt police to include Ins,Burton, constable Rhys James. Pcso,Frost.also
    fully aware of corrupt police, is Chief constable, Peter Vaughan,and many more..
    All of the assembly including Carwyn Jones,many councillors &,10.
    Downing Street.

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