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23 year old Police Custody Tape ‘found’

Arrested for four days in Cardiff Prison, as unidentifiable, whilst South Wales Police lean on guernsey police to have me extradited for failing to pay a parking fine or something similar….. So, why did the police chose to release this … Continue reading

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Does the United Kingdom have the rule of law?

Originally posted on Philosophical Politics:
The Magna Carta from 1215 is an early English form of encoded social and legal rules. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) ‘Wherever law ends, tyranny begins’. –John Locke The question seems odd, almost quixotic. In a country…

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Crunch Time for South Wales Police or HM Partnership to the Rescue

After 23 years South Wales Police have ‘suddenly found my custody tape recording when accused of having been caught having a ‘garrotte’ type instruments on Prince Charles’ farm……bloody liars. Courts, police, NHS (Wales) and many of their like minded petty … Continue reading

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£10,000 Reward for Police Custody Records as Machine-Gun/Fabricated Medical Records Damages Claim is Blocked Again

It is seven years now that I have been watching, with quiet amusement, at the lengths to which the Welsh authorities are still prepared to stoop to prevent the facts ever becoming published  on cyberspace with their domestic news papers … Continue reading

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South Wales Police ‘Fresh Evidence’ to be heard in court on 15th April 2016 @ 12.30pm

Fresh Evidence Proven Criminal Conduct by Police Inspectors, Howard Davies, Andrew Rice, Steve Parry, Greaves, Nicholas Kihlberg, Collin Jones, Griffiths, Trigg, Jenner, Roe, Hill, Merrett and many others NB For ‘Dolmans’ please read as ‘Chief Constable’ and for ’Chief Constable’ … Continue reading

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PC McGregor/Sgt Greaves Conspiracy

DRAFT                                                                                                                                  BS614159etc Maurice Kirk v Chief Constable of South Wales Constabulary  Appellant’s Action 2 para 6 Submissions to the Court of Appeal Extract from October 2015 Judgment 703     Action 2 paragraph 6 – 16 March 1998 Southey Street, Barry and … Continue reading

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Proven Inspector Andrew Rice Conspiracy

Action 2 paragraph 5 speed camera St Nicholas 2.10.1997 Facts referred to in this extract of judgment are contrary to the facts in the case. Dolmans, Solicitors, for South Wales Police, deliberately manipulated the learned judge into stating the ‘speeding’ … Continue reading

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