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FOUND: Dr Tegwyn Williams & Dr Janis Hilliar in Canterbury New Zealand -Caswell Clinic Staff required shortly as Witnesses of Fact not Fiction

STOP PRESS MY attempts to see, by previous invitation, my lovely MAPPA 3/3 appointed Dr Gaynor Jones at Glanrhyd Hospital, Caswell Clinic, Bridgend, psychiatrist were not only stopped, of course, by police intervention but had  they had me gaoled again,  just on release … Continue reading

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Dimwit Maurice Too Slow for ‘Garrotte’ HRH Prince Charles Incident Conspiracy

Appellant’s Position Statement Cases BS614159 + 2 Dozy me I have only just found  time to put together a page from a copy of one of the court management files  copy , prepared by the police, purportedly from their choice of the claimant’s … Continue reading

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Twice the South Wales Police have Smashed-in My Car Window for a Non Arrestable Offence & Cardiff’s Civil Trial Judge Has Ignored the Lot!

Like the proverbial ‘Shit stuck to a blanket’……No wonder too many voted for Brexit not realising their funded judiciary gravy-train is now on a down hill run, completely un checked, all the way to the bank. Video appears to show police officer … Continue reading

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Twice Police Smashed My Car Window to Violently Drag Me Out for Non arrestable Offences

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The Welsh Assembly is Hell-Bent on Blocking My Machine-Gun Appeal getting to The Royal Courts of Justice

2nd hand machine-gun FOR SALE –excellent for rabbit-shooting or vermin extermination My statistics of South Wales Police bullying culture that has ruined my life and many others. 16-09-15-statistics-re-south-wales-police-bullying The Current Cardiff Judge His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC   Cardiff’s GEOamey Custodial Services manager,  … Continue reading

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Application for Arrests of Lee Barker Cardiff Court’s GEOamey Custody Manager, Court Clerk Michael Williams, Prosecutors Jackie Seals & D Gareth Evans & Police Inspector Rice or I Will

                      Stop Press Cardiff’s Cabal  Will  Stop at Nothing to Hide the Publicity of 23 years of Police Bullying 14th September 2016 Dear Sir/Madam, I acknowledge receipt of your email, received in this office on 13th September 2016 Your email was referred … Continue reading

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Two Applications to Quash illegally STOPPED Machine-Gun Damages Claim & NHS (Wales) Caswell Clinic Investigation

FOR SIX YEARS THE CARDIFF CABAL HAS BLOCKED PROPER IVESTIGATION MJK letters of complaint to the General Medical Council & Alun Cairns MP 10-10-17-gmc-wales-complaint 10-11-24-gmc-complaint_0001 11-01-17-gmc Crown Prosecution Service (Wales) has deliberately withheld, for three jury trials and for the original utter … Continue reading

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