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Dr Tegwyn Williams Welsh Police Conspiracy Spreads to Somerset

HM Courts and Tribunal Service HQ           Your Refs CO/4737/2014 The Ministry of Justice                                         2016/P1/11303 (old Home Office building) St James Park London 24th October 2016 Dear Sir/Madam,      –– LETTER BEFORE PROPOSED CLAIM FOR JUDICIAL REVIEW – Proposed Claim for … Continue reading

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One of Our Aircraft is Missing

19th October 2016                                                                                                              BS614159 etc                            Maurice Kirk v South Wales Police Constabulary       Claimant’s Position Statement Withheld South Wales Police evidence caused Claimant’s name to be permanently removed from the veterinary register. After 90% of all police allegations against the Claimant … Continue reading

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Two Can Play at That!

An expert in the art of suing the police has  explained just  what the Cardiff Cabal are up to–I must be bankrupted in order to stop my remaining nine cases arising out of decades of police bullying and inactivity to protect … Continue reading

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FOUND: Dr Tegwyn Williams & Dr Janis Hilliar in Canterbury New Zealand -Caswell Clinic Staff required shortly as Witnesses of Fact not Fiction

STOP PRESS MY attempts to see, by previous invitation, my lovely MAPPA 3/3 appointed Dr Gaynor Jones at Glanrhyd Hospital, Caswell Clinic, Bridgend, psychiatrist were not only stopped, of course, by police intervention but had  they had me gaoled again,  just on release … Continue reading

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Dimwit Maurice Too Slow for ‘Garrotte’ HRH Prince Charles Incident Conspiracy

Appellant’s Position Statement Cases BS614159 + 2 Dozy me I have only just found  time to put together a page from a copy of one of the court management files  copy , prepared by the police, purportedly from their choice of the claimant’s … Continue reading

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Twice the South Wales Police have Smashed-in My Car Window for a Non Arrestable Offence & Cardiff’s Civil Trial Judge Has Ignored the Lot!

Like the proverbial ‘Shit stuck to a blanket’……No wonder too many voted for Brexit not realising their funded judiciary gravy-train is now on a down hill run, completely un checked, all the way to the bank. Video appears to show police officer … Continue reading

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Twice Police Smashed My Car Window to Violently Drag Me Out for Non arrestable Offences

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