Five Lying Crown Court Judges

The fabricated 2009 ‘Trading in Machine Guns’ allegations, resulting in the Appellant being registered as a South Wales Police MAPPA level 3 category 3 victim, to be nearly shot and when not, having him sectioned under the 1983 Mental Health Act for incarceration into Ashworth high security psychiatric hospital, for an indefinite period, could only have been with the apparent  co-operation from some Cardiff Crown Court, Magistrates judges and Cardiff Crown prosecutors.

Incarceration, for possible life without any trial, was only prevented  by the quick thinking lawyer, ex Vale of Glamorgan MP, Walter Sweeney and his wife, Nuala, consultant Radiologist, by obtaining a counter medical report, from England, castigating the conduct of Dr Tegwyn Mel Williams who appears now to be banished from NHW (Wales) to reside in Christchurch in New Zealand.

August 23, 2012 12:46 AM ——————————————————————————– ————————— 7} nWhite Ferret said: It is said that the Doctor who gave unlawful information in order to have Maurice Kirk convicted as well as his wife are on sick because of MJK harassment. If this is true, then someone has to be taking the Michael. This presumably means that they would both be paid sick leave from the public purse by the NHS. So, this raises a number of questions. 1. Does this mean that they are also too ill, or unfit to work at their other private clinics. 2. If this is the case, could it not be argued that they are taking money presumably from the public purse under false pretences. 3. Where do they have their main income from NHS Wales or their Private Clinics. 4. With NHS Wales having an in depth knowledge of this case; and having their own people sitting in the public galleries during Maurice Kirk’s cases, would it not be appropriate to suspend this Doctor and his wife with immediate effect. 5. An NHS Wales Doctor has proved another NHS Wales Doctor wrong. Surely, the honourable duty of the public funded NHS Wales is to investigate. 6. How many other cases has this doctor got wrong. 7. Naturally there are Royal Charters immunities to prosecutions, however, it is a matter of public interest and confidence to investigate fit and proper use of public monies in this instance, and protect the integrity and trust of those that may be tarnished by any disrepute that may have been brought upon NHS Wales by this Doctor. 7. Should this Doctor have brought the Caswell Clinic and NHS Wales into disrepute, then NHS Wales has a duty to act accordingly.

A fat lot of importance that is to this Appellant, of course, as until Dr Williams’ fabricated medical reports, such as the extract below, are corrected or expunged from the record both his Civil Aviation Authority’s pilots licences and attempts to be re-registered with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons are doomed.

The South Wales Police were ultimately responsible, once again, for first instigating FTAC’s, unfortunately for them, clean bill of health after Maurice had visited Highgrove to deliver a letter to HRH Prince of Wales with a stark warning of the quite unchecked corruption that seems to be within the heart of in the South Wales judiciary.

Dr Williams’ August 2009 psychiatric report, destined for his 2nd December 2009 Ashworth application, before HHJ Neil Bidder QC, was very cleverly written by arranging not to examine his victim himself but basing it only on the fictitious 8th June 2009 MAPPA data, much of which he disapproved as written by senior police officers and a couple of student nurses that just happened to visit his Cardiff prison cell, at the time, for a chat.

A string of Cardiff judges, ever since, have had to fight off the Appellant with his numerous applications to obtain those fabricated medical records in order to  expose the conduct of the South Wales Police hell bent on prejudicing the prosecution of the long running civil claim of their unfortunate victim.

The Chief Constable, Peter Vaughan, has  used these medical records to successfully oppose the Appellant’s bail applications to incarcerate for almost three years of his life when either falsely accused by the South Wales Police or having never been convicted.

EXTRACT from Dr Tegwyn Williams’ Sept 09 psychiatric report when not even qualified to examine his wrongly ordered Aug 09 SPECT brain scans by way of i/v radio isotopes.


Tottenham section

14 11 14 A20140082 McKenzie Friends Assoc MUSA Pt 1-4


These hidden reports were given, by the Welsh police, to the Tottenham London police while tied up in knots over their unlawful snatching of the six Nigerian Musa children, in 2010, before the parents were deported without them.

11 09 17 Musas and MJK at Tottenham Police Station

Met police were asked by South Wales Police to arrest Maurice and have him sectioned, indefinitely, again, anything to slow down the ongoing civil damages claim against them and their ill earned pensions.

All charges, in two  separate Metropolitan Police incidents, were  later withdrawn and the Appellant was released from the Harringay Corner Magistrates cells.

The 3rd incident, over the Musa family, was heard in a London court with the South Wales Police having refused his release from HM Cardiff prison as considered too dangerous.

Successive Welsh judges, ever since, have now appeared to have conspired with their police force to prevent the Appellant from properly preparing his on going civil claims, requiring well over two hundred witnesses and was even a matter raised in The Royal Courts of Justice in February 2016, by Lord Justice Burnett QC, in his attempt to be allowed his own written records, from now on, whilst defending himself in any welsh court

The Appellant has been reluctantly slow at coming to terms with ‘just what really goes on in our law courts’, now a days, as he had just left ten years of living within the corruption in the  British tax haven called Guernsey where they boast its allegiance was not the UK’s Parliament but only to Her Majesty The Queen.

Guernsey’s incestuous Mafia had relied on two UK veterinary surgeons, in amicable partnership, trusting their respective island lawyers to put a stop to outside attempts to disrupt their business. However, their respective insular lawyers, UK layers have no right of audience, Messrs ACK Day and Peter Ferbrache had other ideas with their sole intention in aiding in the stealing their client’s veterinary practice and freehold from right under their own feet.

But the veterinary practice and all the Appellant’s personalty, with his father’s veterinary equipment, was stolen and sold off at a fraction of true value to someone, let us say, chosen to be more ‘malleable’ to the island’s customs rather  than to anyone else so foolish to have stepped off the boat in the first place.

The purchaser, A Mr McCrae, took the joint lawyer’s advise, before purchase, to obtain the owner of the freehold’ signature, a Nicholas Blackwell BVSc MRCVS Esq, to sign a disclaimer accepting full responsibility of the sale in case his partner found about the fraudulently drawn up deal. This was only achieved whilst Mr Blackwell was mentally impaired by needing psychiatric assistance.

This was quite unbeknown to his partner, of course, with his first right to the purchase of the practice in the event of the other’s demise or retirement.

But this Appellant found out within the statutory period and raised the Clamour de Haro.

The police, of course, had agreed before the illicit sale not to step in once the fraud was uncovered as it was lawyers that had concocted the fraud it in the first place!

For further information on how the ‘Clamour de Haro’ prohibitive injunction was abused, to protect lawyers, see:


The South Wales Police, having now failed in all the above, has caused successive Chief Constables to continue in conspiring with the local law courts to have the Appellant locked away on the slightest  fabricated piece of nonsense they could muster and had quietly agreed upon with HM Crown Prosecution Service (Wales) to be prepared to turn the proverbial blind eye to.

  1. His Honour Judge Hughes

So, in 2010, following the Appellant’s acquittal in the ‘machine-gun’ trial, where the police had painted the antique a different colour in the hope of fooling the jury, His Honour Judge Hughes [1], on St David’s Day 2012, erred in judgment, it is humbly submitted, over basic principles of British law.

It had been agreed by Cardiff’s cabal to cover up their failed attempts in getting their victim locked up for even longer as the alleged ‘harassment’ of  Dr Tegwyn Williams and ‘breaches’ of the never served ‘ restraining order’ was all invalid from the very start.

As was so recently discussed by HHJ Rolands and a Cardiff CPS barrister, in another one of their clandestine court hearings, their victim was deprived of the full d]facts other than it had been decided the serving of a restraining order was, in itself , an unlawful act as the police had tampered with the original evidence once the hearing unfolded the wrong way.

Note in the transcript below:

Page E6       Appellant being refused the right to cross examine the police or their police doctor.

Page 7D      Appellant being refused his legal papers in court, another recurring theme.

Judge Hughes’ purpose?

For the Appellant to be refused the plethora of papers generated in 1st Dec 2011 magistrate’s hearing, by the then clerk of the court Mr Michael Williams, was in order to orchestrate a harassment conviction in the first place.

Despite the conduct of the original police ‘investigating’, in cahoots with the now sacked HM Prosecutor, David Gareth Evans, to change the original fabricated evidence, only carrying a non custodial sentence, they have now confiscated those prosecution exhibits to ensure the 4th Jury cannot see them either.

Judge Hughes is recorded, on tape, misleading the Appellant which only reminds us that any UK judge, if he or she is so minded, may kill, rape or even lie in a welsh court, as he or she has HM immunity to prosecution for apparant‘ institutional corruption’ each time their respective positions of privilege, in HM Partnership, is in any way challenged.

12 01 27 RO Appeal

The Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC) is yet another case in point and another British anomaly, like a Judicial Review, controlled and driven by any politics of the hour.

16 03 12 Pre Action protocol letter (1)

This Judge Hughes is only first of the five or so  Cardiff judges’ routine conduct to be published for the proverbial unsuspecting UK tax payers. Over the next few weeks Maurice will be attempt to publish the facts on other judges to show this behaviour is tolerated by the HM Justice Ministry once known as HM Home Office.

The 2nd  judge to consider, over Dr Tegwyn Williams, must be Nicholas Cooke QC or Llewellyn-Jones QC, as both of whom in the Spring of 2009, were fully aware of the South Wales Police’s MAPPA plot  to having the Appellant conveniently shot if  playing their plan B, the  ‘Gulag’ card, should also fail with their fragile machine-gun nonsense.

2. HHJ Lewellyn-Jones QC

On or about 7th August 2009 this judge had admitted receiving a fax, that morning, purported to have come from Dr Tegwyn Williams of Caswell Clinic who just happened to be Barbara Wilding’s Chief forensic psychiatrist for Wales.

The Appellant  had been  wheeled in from Cardiff prison, protesting whilst on remand, over an antique WW1 machine-gun conspiracysuch as these of institutional corruptions tend to dream up.

This judge was also in possession of the facts surrounding the Chief Constable’s falsified February 2009 sworn affidavit, see appellant’s 9th September 2009 letter to Barry Magistates and HHJ Seys Lewellyn QC’s currently blocked list of civil damages claims

09 07 23 Dr TW rpt

Maurice was NOT a patient nor ever has been but only because he refused to consume, later that day, the Caswell Clinic food and only drank tap water.

09 10 19 DrTW extract

!CF03546 DrTW Prof Wood Claim

10 06 16 CAA Psch Rpt

much more to follow ,shortly……

For details: Face Book Twitter &

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Cardiff Prison now deny I was There?

Alternative titles may be;


Frantic to cover-up the Cardiff cabal having  now re written 1st December 2011 court logs and clerk of the court’s contemporaneous notes of evidence, in District Judge John Charles fiasco of a magistrates hearing (listen to tape recording!) over Dr Tegwyn Williams’ fabricated forensic evidence


So, who is lying?

9 12 1 medical Kemp  and police have now snatched the original court exhibits, to stop the 3rd and now 4th jury trial  from seeing the forgeries , now today, my Bristol lawyers inform me the prison are saying they did not even take me to court that day!

‘We have reviewed our records and find that no movement of Mr Kirk took place on the date in question unfortunately. Could the date have been earlier or later for us to expand our search please as it was a very specific request for information. Thank you.’

Kind regards

Kevin Skinner

Business Hub Manager, HMP Cardiff  Tel:     02920923417


So who is lying?

11 12 01 PER

First its Judge John Curran telling  4th May 2012 jury there were no court records of magistrates evidence ‘available’, 12 05 04 Jury Notes then Lee Barker, court cell manager, told the jury he had served on me 1st December 2011 ‘restraining order’, 11 12 01 Restraining Order also quite untrue and only proven by my having to arrest the CPS barrister, David Gareth Evans, who, himself, had conspired with the South Wales Police to concoct a new allegation, as nothing before court carried a custodial sentence and had switched court exhibits before police confiscated them all.!

Barker_Statement (1)  Barker went home 3pm which is exactly why court, prison and now, GEOamey, have all shredded their respective records.

12 01 27 RO Appeal

So who is lying?

12 05 04 Extract taken from 4th May 2012 Cardiff Crown Court

GEOamey Custodial Services  had five of its men dragging me out of the cell at 5pm and by throwing my crutches on my head, as I lay on the floor, failed to what I guess was the prison returned restraining order being stuffed in my pocket.

It was the returned restraining order as some idiot had sent it over to the prison at lunch time, by mistake, when all had been told, in advance of evidence, I was to serve the maximum prison sentence!


13 03 06 Criminal Court of Appeal Criminal ref

Cardiff courts withold the the jury-note request from Lord Leveson et al, at the Criminal Court of Appeal, as is not unusual in a Welsh law court  13 03 14 Application for Leave to Criminal Court of Appeal…see transript


So which barrister is complained about most?

23rd March 2016       UK Barrister Complaint               BS 614159 etc

Barrister Robert Trevis knowingly lied to His Honour Judge Denyer QC, in Bristol Crown Court on 10th July 20, when he stated that my rent monies, stolen by his client, were acquired by his fanciful idea that they were the ‘proceeds of crime’ and that I had misled the court into thinking I had sufficient funds of my own to finance in order to seek remedy in a UK law court for a simple freezing-order on the villain’s bank accounts.
Meantime, the court schemed to wasted many months only to correct their deliberate error, in the first place, over the requisite court and court fee needed.

My money was stolen by his client as a police accomplice but only because Cardiff magistrates court had originally ordered him to be my McKenzie Friend, without my consent, knowing my now 24 year running damages claim against the Chief Constable had considerable merit but not without funds.
Jeffrey Matthews was employed to tape record all UK court hearings relating to Dr Tegwyn Williams, the then South Wales Police chief forensic psychiatrist, as he had deliberately falsified my medical records with Professor Rodger Wood of Swansea University for His Honour Judge Neil Bidder QC’s clandestine hearing, without their victim, on 2nd Dec 2009 in Cardiff Crown Court
A further Crown Prosecution Service barrister, known to Mr Trellis in their conspiracy, was a Mr Richard Thomlow who sought my indefinite incarceration, being the HM prosecutor for the already doomed 2010 ‘trading in machine-guns’ trial, in Ashworth high security psychiatric hospital as a MAPPA level 3 category 3 registered victim.
Barrister Thomlow had deliberately misled the court by stating my ‘significant brain damage’ was due to a brain tumour. No one, to this day, has officially told me of these medical findings as I was again banned from hearing my own court hearing for not employing a Cardiff barrister
Barrister Robert Trevis again lied in the 2015 Bristol County Court proceedings in a further hearing, this time before Mr Justice Newrey QC.
Barrister Charles Murray, also of Queens Square Chambers, knew all about the above conspiracy when he replaced Mr Trevis from acting for the thief. It did not stop him either from misleading the court when the judge asked to see as a copy of the sealed copy of my particulars of claim.
Both he and his client lied having a copy just as Matthews had lied receiving other papers proven to have been posted to his address. It needed the Claimant to physically point at it on the Defendant’s table, thought hidden, for the case to be adjourned for yet another chance to swindle the money.
Barrister Robert Trevis had known, all along, CPS barrister David Gareth Evans, in the 2009 harassment hearing fiasco, had switched police concocted court exhibits and had knowingly relied on fabricated police evidence which is why police confiscated the altered court exhibits, court log and clerk of the court’s contemporaneous notes.
Mr Trevis’ colleague, barrister Michael Smyth, also of Queens Square Chambers, Cardiff, had, of course, prosecuted me in this alleged 3rd breach of 1st Dec 2011 restraining order which is why it is currently with the Criminal Cases Review Commission.
Barrister Robert Trevis was also aware that the police had, immediately after the March 2014 3rd ‘breach of a restraining order’ jury trial, seized the court exhibits to have the court log and clerk of the court’s contemporaneous records altered in order for His Honour Judge Roland to quash the original ‘restraining order’ that has caused me years of unlawful imprisonment.


The 2nd  corrupt judge to consider, where frank dishonesty is concerned in date order, must be either be Nicholas Cooke QC or Llewellyn-Jones QC both, in the Spring of 2009, having been fully aware of the South Wales Police’s conspiring to having me shot if their playing the  ‘Gulag card’ should also fail with the machine gun nonsense.

more to follow

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Police Cover-Up Mark Davenport Crime Spree to Gaol Maurice

South Wales Police have once again conspired to fabricate spurious criminal allegations to obtain many months in prison for their victim only for all charges to be then dropped.

By using their informant, ex gaol-bird for drug-dealing and GBH convict Mark Davenport of Cardiff’s underworld of crime, to get information about myself the Chief Constable, Peter Vaughan, turned a ‘blind eye’ over Davenport’s trading in allegedly stolen motor cycles, committing criminal damage, to simply delay  his inevitable eviction by allowing his  hired henchmen to beat-up the Bristol Bailiff’s men.

Could Enid Blyton have made it up?

Despite His Honour Judge Bidder QC’s early comments on all its futility HM Crown Prosecution (Wales) persisted, of course, to maintain his custody from October 2013 until March 2014 when all charges were again dropped. This not was  not just to prejudice the ongoing civil claim it was to affect his preparation of outstanding charges for the March 2014 3rd jury trial on Dr Tegwyn Williams’ fabricated, as never served, restraing order on their victim, another cooked up South Wales judicial conspiracy……. More detail of all this can be read in early blogs, face book, Victims Unite web site and

Just 20 seconds before January 2013 Brittany arrest to the psychiatric hospital

13 01 25 Gendarmes arrest

A few police prosecution files back from France

13 02 12 files from France

13 02 12 SWP files from France - Copy

Mark Davenport squatting at ‘work’

Violent Drug Dealing Squatter


The policeman responsible?

peter vaughan

So who is lying?

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Oh, Rambuctious One!

Dear Norman,

1997 Prevention of Harassment Act and Cardiff Cabal’s Restraining Order

This is an interesting point you raise, Norman, on the subject of bad ‘restraining orders’ and our statute defence, allowing you to both detect and prevent further misconduct by those in positions of privilege and with immunity to prosecution.

It reminds me of a Dr Tegwyn Williams, the now sacked chief police psychiatrist for the South Wales Police, deported to the Antipodean extremities to be as far away from me as was possible, in the time, that the Cardiff cabal could manage.

This is of little comfort to either me or him, of course, until such bad law is reformed and in my particular case, until there is full disclosure of that clandestine 8th June 2009 MAPPA meeting in Barry police station.

Both the police doctor and then Chief Constable, Barbara Wilding, had hatched their notorious ‘re- painted machine-gun’ plot, to having me shot, reliant in having the full co-operation of the Cardiff law courts which have also been conspiring ever since! His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC continues to refuse, in these past six years, to allow the ‘machine -gun’ civil damages claim to come back into court as too many HM servants are also implicated.

All this started when Ms Wilding had just received HHJ Nicholas Chambers QC’ order to disclose their records of sixty odd police incidents of their harassment of me these many years.

Dr Tegwyn Williams had neither examined me nor was qualified to interpret the brain scans I had secretly arranged, from inside prison, to be put before another, for a £1,200 fee, an expert in the field. No doctor in South Wales, therefore, for my parole board release, in Aug 2015, ‘could be found’ as all were too spineless to affect their very nice thank you ‘gravy train’ set up here in The Principality, as usual, at the unsuspecting tax payers expense.

Whereas Dr Tegwyn Williams is no longer allowed to work in NHS (Wales) I struggle on to get that fabricated MAPPA 3/3 evidence he used against me but it has also been blocked by my current civil trial judge, His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC.

Also, of course, the Criminal Cases Review Commission, also now waist deep in the proverbial when trying to cover it all up, is refusing to disclose the only, most likely, true copy left of the 1st December 2011 clerk of the court’s contemporaneous notes, court log and prosecution exhibits, as so many different versions have, so far, been produced following my arrest of the original bent CPS prosecutor, David Gareth Evans. Professor Rodger Wood of Swansea University is next.


After my 3rd purported ‘breach of a restraining order’ trial, in 2014, the same trial judge, HHJ Rolands, would you believe, told the CPS, in my forced absence, that Dr Tegwyn Williams was no longer protected by the Cardiff cabal as my original defences, citing criminal conduct, had now been corroborated and proven to be precisely correct.

It is also a repeat, of course, of CPS barrister, Richard Thomlow, not telling me, when he told HHJ Neil Bidder QC, that I was only MAPPA 3/3 registered as one of the 5% most dangerous in the UK, because Dr Tegwyn Williams believed I had a brain tumour, requiring to treatment but my indefinite incarceration into Ashworth high security psychiatric hospital.

Does it stink, Norman?

Maurice Kirk's photo.
Maurice Kirk's photo.
Maurice Kirk's photo.
Maurice Kirk's photo.
Maurice Kirk's photo.
Maurice Kirk
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More South Wales Police Bullying and Malicious Imprisonments

Cardiff County Court                                                                                                    BS614159 etc etc     South Wales

15th March 2016

Maurice Kirk v Chief Constable of South Wales Police

Application to Appeal

Position Statement

  1. The claimant’s ‘Wendesbury unreasonable’ example, in his 16th Nov 2015 ‘provisional grounds’ for appeal, identifies the defendant’s unusual and extreme abuse of process throughout the last twenty-three years. The Defendant refused to negotiate settlement with the claimant’s Bristol solicitors, following his 20th May 1993 routine HRH Prince of Wales farm visit, simply because it only required his veterinary attention using routine embriotomy wire and ‘FOR ANIMAL USE ONLY’ clearly labelled medicines taken from his BMW motorcycle panniers.
  1. The claimant’s subsequent unlawful arrest, assault and imprisonment, as being ‘unidentified’, required the prisoner’s interview tape and custody log to be redacted and then destroyed in order to hide the Barry police officer’s identity and finger print evidence.
  1. Failed defendant disclosure of standard documentation and deliberate delaying tactics was only achieved by using the uncontrolled lucrative private sector rather than using the force solicitor who, incidentally, was paid to attend the 2016 final hearing.
  1. ce this claimant was denied the originally promised jury, a decade later, for any single or groups of or for all thirty-three police incidents of one hundred yet to be settled, he would be faced with substantial legal costs if he should then withdraw.
  1. Since the Chief Constable was ordered to sign, personally, her 2009 sworn affidavit, that proper disclosure of records had occurred, then the claimant would invariably be found locked up on spurious grounds only to be acquitted or all charges withdrawn.
  1. The trial judge continues to stay the multifaceted ‘machine gun’/MAPPA/Dr Tegwyn Williams/Swansea University NHS (Wales) fabricated psychiatric records/HMP Swansea parole board conspiracy, dependant on HM Crown Prosecution Service (Wales), meaning the claimant now faces invincible prejudice within the Welsh judiciary to no fault of his own.
  1. The following claim was filed in Cardiff court, today, only to be informed of it also being referred to the trial judge thereby further compounding the claimant’s overarching legal argument that the conduct of certain South Wales Police officers warrants a custodial sentence for having committed just so many criminal acts with malice aforethought.

Maurice J Kirk BVSc

                                              Maurice Kirk v South Wales Police             Case number

Brief details of Claim

1.        In July 2012 the Claimant was wrongfully arrested and detained in custody on an alleged breach of 1st December 2011 Restraining Order, contrary to Prevention of Harassment Act 1997, in that the Claimant had visited Dr Tegwyn Williams home causing the police to be called and stating his intention was to burn his house down. No such incident occurred and police statements were deliberately fabricated to prejudice ongoing civil litigation against the Defendant.

2.        In July 2012 the Claimant was detained in prison with Defendant alleging a breach of 1st December 2011 Restraining Order and a breach in the civil procedural rules tantamount to a contempt of court. On or about 3rd October 2012, with the Claimant not being allowed to attend court, all counts were withdrawn.

3.        In January 2013 the Claimant was wrongly arrested in Merdrignac France and sectioned under French legislation following the Defendant having informed the gendarmerie of information emanating from Dr Tegwyn Williams and Professor Rodger Wood’s 2009 fabricated medical reports. Reports were needed to justify the then Chief Constable of South Wales Police, Barbara Wilding’s fictitious June 2009 data to obtain the Claimant’s MAPPA level 3 category 3 registration.

The Claimant had then goaled for ‘trading in machine guns’ and further sectioned to Caswell Clinic secure unit reliant on the chief forensic psychiatrist for South Wales Police, Dr Tegwyn Williams, neither being appropriately qualified nor even having examined his police victim as he was being black-mailed to do it.

The Dfendant supplied the French authorities this fabricated information to ensure the Claimant’s detention, as identified in a later released RESTRICTED MAPPA 3/3 NOMIS no A7306AT OASys Assessment Form, similarly used by the Defendant to regularly oppose the Claimant’s release on remand.

The Claimant was only released from Pontivy secure psychiatric unit once the Claimant had been identified as a previous patient requiring a total hip replacement following negligence on the part of the Guernsey police having delayed a dislocated femur to be re located by insisting he be handcuffed to his St Peter Port hospital bed.

4.        In May 2013, during the preparation and hearing of the civil damages claim BS614159, requiring many more than the 99 witnesses heard, the Defendant harassed the Claimant by repeated visits to his premises in Cowbridge Road, Cardiff, trying to make a forced entry and arrest him for an alleged fraud relating to Mark Davenport in the elicit business of stolen motorcycles.

All allegations were later withdrawn following the serious assault of grievous bodily harm (GBH) on the Bristol bailiff’s staff, by and/or on behalf of Mark Davenport, while twelve South Wales Police officers attended refusing to protect those lawfully evicting Davenport a convict for GBH and drug-dealing.

5.        In or around June 2013 the Claimant was again wrongfully arrested for the ‘assault’ on Mark Davenport and Nathan Kingsley, his black-market employee, despite the Defendant knowing any such incident, had it occurred (Claimant allegedly poked his finger in the chest of Mark Davenport), was on the newly installed CCTV by Mark Davenport for such an incident by dissatisfied 3rd parties in his business.

6.         The claimant was eventually released only to be restricted to stringent bail conditions in order to prevent his access to his own residence, court files and witnesses required for the ongoing civil claims against the Defendant. All counts were finally withdrawn in March 2014 with the usual failed disclosure.

7.        On 18th July 2013 the Claimant was wrongfully arrested for breaking bail conditions relating to similar fabricated Mark Davenport allegations. All allegations were finally withdrawn also in March 2014.

8.        On 19th July 2013 The Claimant was again arrested by the Defendant this time for ‘being drunk in charge of a motor vehicle’ and ‘being in breach of bail conditions’ again fabricated to further prejudice the ongoing civil damages claim of police harassment while its final submissions were then in the process of being filed with the civil court.

9.         The definitive breath test at the police station was deliberately delayed for over an hour while alternative charges may be concocted. The Claimant’s reading was zero level of blood alcohol, as is the custom for the Claimant, with the wrongful arrest required to try and provoke the usual other alleged offences, such as ‘resist arrest’ and ‘common assault’, often successful due to the absence of independent witnesses.

The Defendant’s main purpose was an unimpaired search of the Claimant’s data on his computers and in his two hundred odd arch lever files to assist in defending the ongoing civil damages claims. All allegations were finally withdrawn with no further action (NFA) other than to dream up another incident.

10.     On 31st July 2013 the Claimant was again wrongfully arrested for ‘breach of bail conditions’ and ‘intimidating witnesses, Mark Davenport and Nathan Kingsley’ and remanded in custody. All charges, in March 2014, were withdrawn once maximum damage had been achieved in the current civil claims against the South Wales Police for over twenty years of ‘unusual’, ‘extreme’ and unlawful ‘bullying’.

11.     On 23rd August 2014 the Claimant was wrongfully arrested at the Cardiff Crown Court as he was obtaining further evidence that the Defendant had unlawfully confiscated the original 1st Dec 2011 court exhibits fabricated, with both Dr Tegwyn Williams and Professor Rodger Wood of Swansea University, to obtain a conviction of harassment and incarceration in Ashworth high security psychiatric hospital for an indefinite period.

This was to cover up Barbara Wilding’s fabricated 2009 MAPPA/’machine gun’ criminal conduct. These fabricated court exhibits had been introduced by HM Crown Prosecutor, David Gareth Evans, who the Claimant therefore arrested as he had been the prosecutor both in 1st Dec 2011 summary hearing and in 4th May 2012 jury trial. Both court exhibits and clerk of the court’s original contemporaneous notes were essential for disclosure essential as they had also been asked for and refused by first of three juries.

12.      In March 2013 Lord Justice Leveson et al (see official judgment) were denied even knowledge of their relevance as the Cardiff Crown Court transcript had again been deliberately or otherwise ‘redacted’ and or ‘corrupted’. It remains essential, for the 4th jury trial, for full custody and court record disclosure.

13.     On 21st Sept 2014 the Claimant was wrongfully arrested for actual bodily harm (ABH) when the Defendant had refused to attend, inside the Cardiff prison, to help apprehend a prison officer, a Mr Rogan, who had aided the Defendant in not allowing return of the Claimant’s passport following his release from custody. The Defendant further prevented the Claimant from retrieving his passport or obtaining a new one from Newport passport office to prejudice the Claimant’s ability to return to France to retrieve valuable data in the civil case far too risky to be left in Wales.

14.     On 14th October 2014 the Claimant was wrongfully arrested whilst attending Barry police station attempting to give further evidence, following temporary apprehension of the thief of his £1,500 (see 3rd Damages Action CF204141), denied by the Defendant as having ever been reported, a recurring theme.

15.     On 14th Oct 2014 the Claimant was wrongfully arrested for making a ‘threatening telephone call’ to burn down Dr Tegwyn Williams house as the Defendant knew his earlier communications with both the police and Cardiff Crown Court, withheld from the 3rd jury, indicated that there was no threat nor did he know nor wished to know the house’s location. MAPPA 24/7 covert surveillance data was withheld as was covert surveillance data withheld from the current court judge, His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC.

16.     The Claimant was first wrongfully imprisoned, before the arrest, while police spent a significant time trying to first contact Dr Tegwyn Williams and then to agree to make a complaint to justify an arrest.

Unlawful police covert surveillance had emanated from Taunton and Guernsey the moment, if not before, in 1992, following his detention having been accused of deliberately setting fire to his own WW2 D-Day Piper Cub when police knew neither the garage nor his aircraft were insured.

17.     On 30th September 2015 at around 7.30 am the Defendant had the Claimant arrested at Portsmouth on entering the country following the French authorities having refused him a private flight to UK from Dinard aerodrome. The local police detained the Claimant until almost 11pm when he was released without charge or explanation.

18.     The Defendant is jointly accused of being responsible in an over-arching conspiracy with some within HMC&TS (Wales) and some within its cosy legal professions in unlawfully maintaining their lucrative ‘gravy train’ generally guaranteed to be financed by the unsuspecting tax payer.

This list is not exhaustive

19.     The Claimant is seeking punitive damages



Maurice J Kirk BVSc

13th March 2016

 Maurice Kirk v South Wales Police & HM Prison Governor             Case No. 9CF02983

Maurice Kirk £50,000 Judgment against HM Cardiff Prison Overturned

This chronology of events illustrates why victims, representative of financial exploitation and legal oppression in the UK, have approached the EU Commission for Justice for Fundamental Rights and Citizenship: there is no effective remedy or fair trial (Article 47). Instead, the failure to disclose evidence that is detrimental to defence or prosecution victimises victims in courts. Article 1 and another deliberately absent from HRA 1998.

  1. Jan 2008: Imprisonment for refusing to pay Crown Prosecution Service costs as it was an abuse.
  2. On day of release 1st Claim for damages filed as prison had refused, each day, to accept payment in lieu of prison sentence. Crown defends claim.
  3. Jan 2009: HHJ Nicholas Chambers QC ‘stays proceedings’ to allow Claimant to change Defendant from ‘HM Home Secretary’ to the female prison governor.
  4. April: Amended Claim for damages filed against HM governor and police. Police admit receiving ‘Particulars of Claim’ and defends.
  5. 8th June: Crown places Claimant under surveillance MAPPA level 3 category 3 (meaning monthly meetings of prison and police discussing their victim’s intricate welfare).
  6. 23rd June: Claimant jailed for possessing, a year earlier, a decommissioned WW1 aero machine gun.
  7. July: Claimant files for ‘default judgment’ from his Cardiff prison cell.
  8. October: Claimant awarded £50,000 damages by HHJ Seys Llewelyn QC.
  9. 2nd December: HM Prison denies Claimant access to court as CPS and Dr Tegwyn Williams make last ditch attempt to have him sectioned to a psychiatric prison called Ashworth for an indefinite period.
  10. 17th December: Claimant removed from MAPPA level 3 register without explanation and later released from prison, denied any costs, having ‘offered no evidence’. Victim never told of his brain tumour possibility.
  11. 2010: Crown’s new governor denies ever ‘receiving’ Particulars of Claim sent by court. HMCS state it had ‘unreliable record’ of ‘good service’ on Cardiff prison in April 2009. HM continue to refuse to return court fee.
  12. Both new prison governor and HMCS refuse October 2009 Court Order to produce proof of ‘audit trail’ recorded at the same time by their MAPPA 24/7 surveillance.
  13. September: After 2009 judge’s ‘observations’, Claimant offers an alternative settlement by dividing liability, £25,000 against Crown and £25,000 against female governor.
  14. New judge refuses to uphold Order to disclose ‘audit trail’ or obtain obviously needed affidavit from April 09 governor, Ms West, who had ‘good service’. Claimant refused her piano, at prison gates, as part payment.
  15. October: Court agrees three month ‘stay in proceedings’ due to Claimant’s ill health but rules Claim was ‘never served’ and had claimant had cited wrong Defendant.
  16. 29th October: Crown requests payment for £2,200 costs but Claimant is yet to receive any Judgment awarding Crown any costs (or for it have its £360 court fee paid by English tax payers).
  17. The Claimant awaits HHJ Seys Llewelyn QC’s Judgment on MAPPA disclosure of that ‘audit trail’ within The Principality preventing his rights to ‘remedy’ in his eighteen year running damages claim due to South Wales Police’s unlawful conduct. This judge adjudicated in original criminal courts and still refuses to recuse himself.

Maurice J Kirk BVSc

   IN THE COURT OF APPEAL                          CASE NUMBER BS 614159

CIVIL DIVISION                                                                                                   

                                                MAURICE KIRK                                  Claimant    


                              SOUTH WALES CONSTABULARY                  Defendant    



  • The tribunal hearing the pleaded 33 incidents of malicious prosecution brought by

The Claimant erred in both fact and law when considering The Wednesbury Test

(see paragraph 33) ‘The Claimant would have to establish that the Custody

       Officer (reviewing officer’s) decision was ‘ Wednesbury’ unreasonable,

       See Wilding v Chief Constable of Lancashire where the test for deciding

      whether a decision that a detention was necessary under PACE was

      lawful was formulated as follows:

      ‘Whether the decision of the custody officer was unreasonable in the

       sense that no custody officer acquainted with the ordinary use of

       language and applying common sense to the competing considerations

       would reasonably have reached that decision’.

      With regard to Action 1 Claim 8.6 Incident 20/5/1993 the tribunal had to consider

at paragraphs 140-189 whether it was ‘reasonable’ to detain a known police

veterinary surgeon for four days in custody, inter alia, for possession of established

veterinary surgical tools proximate to his own surgery under Section 25 PACE

(the general arrest provisions) when that detainee was in possession of

correspondence establishing beyond doubt he was The Claimant. In deciding


the question in favour of The Defendant the tribunal was susceptible to the

criticism of bias or that it exercised ‘Wednesbury’ unreasonableness.

2).      The tribunal erred both in fact and law at paragraph 13 by propounding the

following analysis taken from Lord Nichols in Re H (Minors) 563:

            ‘the more serious the allegation the stronger should be the evidence

            before the court concludes the allegation is established on

            the balance of probability’ The tribunal indulged in the artificial exercise

            of dealing with each pleaded incident piecemeal ignoring the fact there were

33 incidents in all. There were just too many allegations of false prosecution

which required The Defendant to have to answer the binary test propounded

in Re B (2008) EWCA 282:

            Lord Hoffman:

            ‘2 if a legal rule requires a fact to be proved (“a fact in issue”) a judge

            or jury must decide whether or not it happened. There is no room for

           finding it might have happened

            the law operates a binary system in which the only values are 0 and

            1… if the party who bears the burden of proof fails to discharge it a

            value of 0 is returned and the fact is treated as not having happened.

            If he does discharge it, a value of 1 is returned and the fact is treated

            as having happened’

             Baroness Hale:

            ‘as to the seriousness of the allegation, there is no necessary

            connection between seriousness and probability… nor are serious

            allegations made in a vacuum..consider the famous example of the

             animal seen in Regent’s Park. If it is seen outside the zoo on a stretch


of greensward regularly used for walking dogs, then of course it is

more likely to be a dog than a lion. If it is seen in the zoo next to the

             lion’s enclosure when the door is open, then it may well be more

             likely to be a lion than a dog’. The Burden of Proof rested with The

              Claimant to prove he was detained/prosecuted. Once detained/prosecuted The

Burden passed to The Defendant to prove the detention was lawful. The

Claimant satisfied the evidential burden in 33 instances. Just like the proverbial

lion identified by Baroness Hale, it would be much more likely the animal was a

lion if the sightings of it in the zoo outside the lion’s enclosure when the door

was open numbered 33. The sheer number of cited serious instances created a

multiplier which augmented the Re B probability equation in favour of

The Claimant.

  • The Learned Judge was himself susceptible to the criticism of bias:
  • At paragraph 10 The Learned Judge, His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn

QC, states that in his closing submission the Claimant also relied

on the fact that he was MAPPA categorized in June 2009, arrested

14 days later, and detained for nearly 8 months on possession of a

Machine Gun, only to be acquitted at his jury trial in February 2010.

The Learned Judge himself stayed that action which he chose to

ignore when in fact it represented the apex of The Claimant’s


  • He chose to ignore The Claimant’s repeated arrests on spurious

Grounds by The Defendant Constabulary during the actual hearing

itself ignoring the possibility that it provided further evidence

of the system The Claimant claimed was operating against him.


(see paragraphs 19-25).

  • By his Order dated 1st May 2013 the Learned Judge precluded The

Claimant, a litigant in person, having to represent himself in

circumstances of great adversity enumerated therein, from availing

himself of certain key witnesses.

I Believe The Contents of This Document Are True

SIGNED: Maurice John Kirk

DATE:  16th November 2015

Unqualified Dr Tegwyn Williams arranged victim’s brain scan, which turned out to be clear, for the South Wales Police to have the Claimant against them incarcerated, hopefully indefinitely, by the Doctor and CPS barrister both lying to His Honour Judge Neil Bidder QC while locking their victim out of the clandestine 2009 Cardiff Crown Court room


14 01 23 Bautiful Brain

HMP Swansea Brian Scan

      11 06 28 Contempt Appeal & Norman MF 2                    14 04 23 Files go to Knox Road 2  

        OVer 200 arch lever files brought into Cardiff Prison in the middle of 23 year running damages claim against South Wales Police     


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South Wales Police’s 45 years of Bullying a UK Pilot

The Civil Aviation Authority                                                                     BS614159 etc

Gatwick Airport


Dear Sir / Madam,

South Wales Police’s 45 Years of Bullying a UK Pilot


1st South Wales Police Incident

9th February 1996 Alleged Breach of Prevention of Terrorism Act 1989

  1. I was prosecuted by the South Wales Police for an offence under the Prevention of Terrorism (Temporary Provisions) Act1989 due to my flying to Southern Ireland for a truly excellent day’s hunting, on 9th February 1996, with the County Meath foxhounds.
  1. Police stated, on oath, that I had failed to report to them that I was proposing to make the flight, early on the following day, out of Cardiff control zone via a farmer’s field.
  1. The relevant police officer lied in court causing collapse of the case and attending police sergeant to have to confiscate the Crown Prosecutor’s file, in the full face of the court with HMC&TS(Wales) assisting, as they do, by refusing to supply copy of the court exhibits because stating, ‘I had been acquitted’ with no costs.
  1. Senior CPS officer, Mr Mundy, specifically sent from London, was warned of the predicted outcome by my letters, copies of which are still available despite the Barry police station staff having shredded its prosecution file in their CPS office.
  1. I request full copy of the CAA’s records of this incident and detail on how I can also obtain NATS records of this incident, eg communications surrounding the consequences following my having filed a flight-plan for my G-ARSW Piper Colt.
  1. Both HMC&TS (Wales) and police confiscated exhibits containing the name of a Mr Christopher Paul Ebbs who had informed a DC Murphy that I had been smuggling pigs to Eire in both my D-Day two seat Piper Cub and Piper Colt.

EXTRACT of Evidence due for Royal Courts of Justice

South Wales Police lied from onset when:

  1.  knowing a flight plan had been filed by the Appellant.
  2. meticulous record had been kept by the pilot throughout the International flight.
  3. ‘police notes’, ‘miraculously found’ during an adjournment, were actually written overnight, part way through his evidence by DC Murphy with the full support of Bridgend Police HQ.
  4. Inspector Rice of Hill, in court for the purpose, had confiscated the CPS file immediately following collapse of yet another failed prosecution knowing its content contained still more proof of day to day ‘perversion of justice’ in South Wales courts.

2nd South Wales Police Incident

7. Following evidence from the South Wales Police, recently, it appears both police officers and NATS personnel, of Cardiff Airport, reported me to the CAA on or just after 4th July 1999, for flying my aircraft, registration G-KIRK, neither with a valid licence nor keeping at a safe distance from a police helicopter.

8.The court heard that senior management had ordered its helicopter, piloted by Captain Mosely, to be scrambled to intercept my aircraft simply to identify who the pilot in command was by taking close up video of the occupants for Cardiff ATC. Just a four-minute drive from my local police station would of sufficed.

9.Please confirm what communication police and NATS was made with you and supply full documentation for both the IPCC and Royal Courts of Justice.

10.Please note records supplied at my expense, if need be, are to contain dates and times of all communications with the South Wales Police since so many apparently dangerous incidents. and also since my Auster caved in the roof of a police car at Haverford West to cause a RAF Brawdy Hawker Hunter to give pursuit.

3rd South Wales Police Incident

11. Request for records re unlawful detention, at Swansea, of pilot and his Auster Type 4, G-AIJM, to dismantle her when heavily loaded with fresh Manx kippers.

4th South Wales Police Incident

12. Request for records of police complaint following my Auster Type 6, G-ARGI, having caved-in the roof of a police car, at Haverford West, to cause a RAF Brawdy Hawker Hunter to scramble towards our Enniskillen’s Harrier hunt ball.

13. I apologise in advance should appropriate witness summonses need be applied if I consider the CAA have failed to fully disclose relevant evidence as, with respect, was the case in numerous Crown Court and RCJ hearings in the past.

Finally, I must again thank you and your predecessors for your concern over my welfare whilst airborne, at least, during these past 52 years whilst operating over one hundred various both service and private types of ‘heavier than air’ flying contraptions.

Blue skies,

Maurice J Kirk BVSc APO RAFVR Rtd.

[See face book &]

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Machine Gun Conspiracy Case Back in Court

machine gun summary

After five years  from when His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn QC first blocked the hearing of my damages claim, for being unlawfully incarcerated in Caswell Clinic, Bridgend and then again back in Cardiff prison by the police blackmailing their Chief forensic psychiatrist, the ban has been suddenly listed in the light of his 250 odd paged judgment covering the first of three out of about ten claims so far filed at Cardiff courts.

MAPPA Restricted

Particulars of Machine Gun Claim resulting from the above fabricated MAPPA 3/3 RESTRICTED document that lead to my being sectioned from both a Breton and London police station, twice from prison being prevented from having a NHS (Wales) urgent general anaesthetic, release onto parole until eight months later and seven times prevented by welsh prisons for attending my own court cases as a forced to be Litigant in Person (LiP).


1686539 Particulars of Claim – 6th action – 1CF03361 (1)

Machine Gun

South Wales Police denied my stolen BMW motor bike had the Guernsey number plate on her when my client with the pick up truck collected the crashed vehicle. The thief was seen running away and throwing his helmet over the wall.

BUT Mr JM had been listening in on the police with his scanner and arrived with police surrounding the scene of a bike on her side sporting a foreign number plate.

Even without the number plate the recovery truck owner quickly identified the bike’s history off the tax disc and chassis serial number.

  1. The then Sgt Booker had told HHJ Seys Llewellyn QC  court he saw the thief on the bike with no helmet?
  2. At the Prince of Wales’ farm, a few weeks earlier, where I had used a ‘garrotte’ type instrument, causing my imprisonment, I had been using veterinary drugs from the panniers all clearly marked ‘FOR ANIMAL USE ONLY’
  3. Probationary police officer, Mr Thomas, in front of his supervisor, PC Beer, falsely arrested me under PACE 1984 when reason given as no request for driving documents had yet occurred! Key police documents were soon shredded that very night.
  4. In front of my Cardiff clients, in handcuffs, I heard much remonstration such as, ”
    What are you doing to our veterinary surgeon?”
  5. The police then charged me for ‘being in possession of an offensive weapon’ without the CPS knowing and conducted the magistrates hearing without them to obtain my imprisonment as not being identifiable!
  6. Yesterday I retraced a witness to that same bike the police ‘could not trace’ the owner of’ seen crashed in the Barry town clearly with the number being read from a hundred yards.
  7. I enclose a copy of his statement of truth as he is willing to give evidence denied by the police in the 2013 99 witness civil damages hearing by locking him up:


16 02 18 JM witness St R

Then we come to Mr Clayton, Cardiff Air Traffic Controller, who described the video taken by an over zealous police officer from their helicopter while dangerously buzzing my aircraft.

Mr Cleyton will say in court the video camera was ‘so dammed close’ he could even read on my tea shirt, ‘I’d rather be flying G-KIRK’

But the police had threatened me with arrest if I tried again to serve a witness summons on Mr Clayton

cub crash fireman

Oh, and there is so much more completely unchecked deceit in these Cardiff so called law courts…….

W.B.Freeman (1)

‘Truth will out’









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