#MauriceKirk FREE talked to #HampsteadWhistleblower: #Terrorist or #SystemAnalyst?

It was a pilot friend of Maurice’s who discovered that there is an Interpol Notice out so that I can be apprehended at any airport in the UK and treated as a terrorist. That’s what I have in common now with Maurice, ever since MAPPA (Multi-Agency Public Protection Agreement) was used to have the licence to shoot and kill, since he was supposed to be a terrorist.

I’m a mathematician whose thinking was trained by diagnosing software at CERN, until I got bored, had a serious car accident causing chronic pain since 1973 and re-inventing myself all the time. Is that maybe a prerequisite for being treated as a terrorist?

I phoned Maurice [his IQ was found to be in the top 3% of the population while he was incarcerated at Caswell Clinic] after I got an email from his sister with a new phone number from him. Continue reading

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#Victims #Prisoners #LitigantsInPerson #McKenzieFriends #Whistleblowers Unite!

15 01 27 PETI roomI am re-fuelled from visiting Brussels on Tuesday for a meeting of the Petitions Committee where Ellie Popova presented her case: Help Megan Return to her Bulgarian Mum. I reported as MOBILISING Bulgaria in the #EP_Petitions Committee in EU Parliament.

As is to be expected, MEPs are appalled to hear what is going on in secret family courts in the UK. BUT:

  1. the UK authorities were invited and only sent a letter
  2. no UK MEP was present – except the assistant of Jude Kirton-Darling who had been so supportive before.

Given the pace at which EU institutions work, it doesn’t seem to be worth filling in an online petition for Maurice. But his Parole Hearing scheduled for 4 February has now been cancelled without reason:

Good morning

Parole hearing for Maurice John Kirk A7306AT

I have been informed that the parole hearing for Mr Kirk on the date given has been cancelled.  Parole hearings do not fall into the responsibilities of Domestic and Legal Visits booking so I am unable to give you any further information on the matter.

If you have any queries you will need to write into HMP Swansea.

Kind regards,

Christopher Jones
Domestic and Legal Visits Booking Clerk
HMP Swansea

So it looks as if he’ll be 70 behind bars on 12 March! Courtesy of South Wales Police and all related key people in key positions: in prisons and courts.

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LOST in #HMPBristol, Found in #HMPSwansea: #MauriceKirk SoloPilot, Veteran #LitigantInPerson & #McKenzieFriend

After I was told by the chaplain in HMP Bristol, he can NOT help, another supporter eventually got an email from a staff person telling him that HMP Swansea is Maurice’s ‘home’ again.

Sign his petition, email him (A7306AT) using www.emailaprisoner.com, write, visit: Maurice deserves to come out ALIVE!!!

I seriously wonder why TV stations don’t taken one live story after another to make ‘reality TV’:

  • victims of HMP Prison and associated services – besides court staff, judges, solicitors, barristers – they are all in it together;
  • becoming a ‘Litigant in Person‘ is not an option, but a necessity, it seems;
  • and thus McKenzie Friends have become necessary to compensate for the criminality of the Judiciary;
  • but mediation is the best option – except who mediates on behalf of the state???

Maurice has been messed about soo badly that his health cannot but deteriorate and it is a miracle that he is alive.

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#PoliceState in action: abusing #elderly in prison and #children in care

In my utter exasperation and despair, I just emailed the supporters of our online petition to Release Maurice from which ever prison he is being held, for he is in mortal danger.

Last night I was similarly exasperated because the Chair of the Public Accounts Committee takes it for granted that the number of children taken into care is going to increase.

What is worse: killing the elderly or abusing children???

Here’s what I wrote to Austin Mitchell MP regarding Children in Care – the oral evidence session in Committee Room 15 on Monday:

It was with delight that I saw the agenda of the Public Accounts Committee on Monday and that you’re a member! Continue reading

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YOU CAN’T MAKE IT UP: subhuman prison treatment to cover up collusion between #SouthWalesPolice, courts and medics

Maurice’s sister wrote to HMP Bristol how appalled she was at the treatment of her brother. What difference does it make? Her letter is on the latest post on his site.

If an MEP were to write, would that make a difference?

If a petition were launched to the EU Parliament, which Human Rights violations should it address:

  • access to justice?
  • fair trial?
  • torture?

Cover-up of a false medical report commissioned by South Wales Police isn’t foreseen!

A faked ‘restraining order’ neither.

They just hope that an old man with serious medical conditions will go away by dying. Who cares Continue reading

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#MauriceKirk in mortal danger in #HMPBristol – labelled #SexOffender – the ultimate weapon???

Maurice’s sister writes: Just had phone call from M. The prison authorities are being made to get him to sign a piece of paper to do with sex and children etc. This has been produced from within  BARRY POLICE STATION so that M will be killed within this Bristol Prison because they do not realise that the evidence is false (they have not seen the evidence of Welsh Justice). Apparently the Cardiff Prison understand that no way is M a child sex offender. He expects to be moved to the ‘special wing’ where he will have no contact with other prisoners and will remain at the mercy of the prison staff.

He was denied his court hearing on Friday because he complained about being ‘set upon’ on two separate  occasions by first, GeoAmy and then Bristol Prison Staff. They connived to stop him journeying to Cardiff for his Family Court Appeal. A prison officer was dozy enough to come into his cell and read out his complaint form and the response from the senior handler. He had written…‘we cannot process this form because we cannot read it’ but that dozy officer could!

Publicity is paramount if M is going to leave the prison other than in a pine box.

PLEASE sign and share our petition: https://www.change.org/p/rt-hon-theresa-may-mp-please-release-maurice-j-kirk-bvsc-from-hmp-bristol-where-he-is-in-mortal-danger

Latest call started with a description of his recent suffering . He is in a chair with wheels, the type porters in hospitals use to wheel patients about. He is not able to propel himself.

He was taken to his bathroom area where he was left for 7 hours. He ran a bath and called for help to get in by ringing the bell (which I think rings until it is attended to) He ran the water , let it go cold and filled again seven baths in all. NO-ONE came.

5 officers arrived at 9 o’clock at night and moved him back to his cell. The last bath was filling but not one of them switched off the water. It flooded the bathroom and his cell where his files were arranged in boxes on the floor. He did his best to save them but many will need careful prising apart and drying out. Of course they took no notice of his bell that time either. As revenge they have made sure that :

he has had no medication yesterday nor today .
No hot water in a flask to make tea today,
no breakfast,
no lunch.
no photocopying

He believes the TV will be removed , a luxury that arrived on Thursday when the log jam of no mail etc was eased.

He did get a response from one assault DIRF form dated 1st December. No police did come in to investigate assault complaint. At least he was still alive to make the call out.

Another supporter writes:

I understand that the current plan of South Wales Police is to apply for IPP, on the grounds of Public Protection. On the basis of the conviction of assault against the prison officer they will say that Maurice is a danger to the public and will on the basis of his previous convictions seek an Interterminate Public Protection Order which will mean he can be kept in prison for ever and never be released. He is already of level 3 mappa which is reserved for the most serious of terroists.


Be careful to watch for anything to do with MAPPA/ child protection/ or IPP.

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Peter Hofschroer Unlawful Arrest Update 2

Maurice is listed as one of the whistleblowers who gets the ‘whistleblower treatment’ rather than a fair trial and ‘justice’…

cathy fox blog

Information is coming in fast so this is a fresh second post, in which I will add and correct the last post as needed, but I will leave the original intact for the future.

It is believed that Peter Hofschroer has been set up with false charges, to stop him carrying on with his private criminal court case against his mothers abductors, and to draw attention from the real criminals who abducted his mother and who are intertwined with those who frustrated justice by hiding Jimmy Savile and Peter Jaconellis crimes.

Peter Hofschroer is supported by people who have a long history of anti child abuse campaigning and childrens rights campaigning, and do not believe the fabricated charges against him are in any way true.

North Yorkshire Police refused for 3 days to even confirm if Peter was alive or dead. He has been kept out of contact with everyone…

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