More @DailyMailUK magic about #MauriceKirk in South Sudan instead of Kenya

What a nice story!

And on video:

More information on

and the community of pilots:

as well as South Sudan News:

and his archive site that chronicled his solo flight to Australia!

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Daily Mail article somewhat more accurate than the Sun’s predicted plagiarism yesterday

3b07f77d00000578-0-for_a_retired_english_gent_who_has_just_crash_landed_his_plane_i-a-107_1480902506253Has this glorious eccentric finally crashed to earth? He was Oliver Reed’s drinking pal and now he’s causing havoc around the globe. 

More on his Facebook page: where he wrote 16 hours ago:

I have just been informed from than one informed source to get out now,despite medical state. as I am liable for immediate arrest and goal for months, as is the usual here, without even a trial leaving Liberty Girl 11 left to the local carrion…….can anyone at least rescue the cub

just 30 k into South Sudan at Narius from Lokichochio Kenyan airfield ….I have spare seat to Cape town if you can do it….thanks

From my sick bed….malaria and septic leg with high white cell count and fever , head-aches the usual stuff…to be driven to clinic at 7pm for twice daily I/v antibiotic and malarial treatment…service excellent but available if arrested I am warned

The community of pilots is commenting on

MARVELLOUS comments on an article in the Guernsey Press:

Former vet Maurice Kirk goes missing in his plane over Africa

FORMER Guernsey resident and vet Maurice Kirk has gone missing while taking part in an air rally over Africa.


November 24, 2016 3:17 pm

Kirk, what a guy!! I remember him in the 80’s


November 24, 2016 4:03 pm

I’m glad he is safe. To say he’s a bit eccentric would be an understatement but for those around in the 1980s Maurice Kirk is a Guernsey institution – I remember his antics back when I was at school.


November 24, 2016 4:18 pm

Hail Maurice !

Island Wide Voting

November 24, 2016 5:09 pm

He’s certainly not a character easy to get rid of

Victor Meldrew

November 24, 2016 5:22 pm

Slightly eccentric he may be, but intrepid he certainly is. A drinking buddy of Oliver Reed if I recall, but I remember best him as a good farm vet, and even better after a dram ! His appearance in Court dressed as a Nazi is still talked about. What a sterilised society we live in today.


November 24, 2016 5:37 pm

I knew it! He is simply indestructible. Fond memories of his escapades here in Guernsey and his much appreciated professional advice as to how to protect our kittens from a bruiser tomcat invader!

Trevor Hockey

November 24, 2016 5:53 pm

Not only do I remember him, when we lived in St. Martin’s me and the missus voted for him in an election as a protest vote. Guess what, he nearly got in.!

Used to go up to Alderney on his own in a rib to see his patients and once flew under a london bridge if I recall correctly.

A bit eccentric.? Mad as a box of frogs in my opinion.! Anyone remember the gibbet outside his house with an effigy of the Bailiff hanging.?


November 24, 2016 6:39 pm

Would have made a fantastic chief minister


November 24, 2016 7:59 pm

What a great bloke, had a lot of time for Maurice, he only did what a lot of us wished we had the balls to do.

From the publisher of this site:

While in Africa, I just wish he could meet the Nigerian parents whom he helped trying to get their seven children back from Haringey Council… They were only some of the over 1,000 children a month put into care by Local Authorities…

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Court Cases while flying the length of Africa in 1940s plane #MauriceKirk

david-gareth-evansTHE SUN publishes: Banged Up in Kenya: pensioner trying to fly length of Africa in 1940s plane crashes – and ends up in police cell.

THE SUNDAY MAGAZINE of the OBSERVER invites you to meet Maurice as one of four ‘super-litigants‘.

Maurice must have composed this text in the police cell in Kenya: Crown Prosecutor who knew all along one cannot be goaled for harassment if preventing or detecting crime…..six Cardiff judges all in on the act. Dr Tegwyn Williams  WANTED Welsh Area HMC&TS Manager, Cardiff South Wales                                                                                                                         3rd December 2016

Dear Mr Strinati,

Re South Wales Police Harassment

I last saw you frantically removing chairs from my Nov 2011 Cardiff magistrates court to prevent the likes of Patrick Cullinane Esq et al from being allowed to witness the daily inherent deceit I and my family had suffered in no less than 500 court appearances, to date. You, I am told, orchestrated my nearly being registered as a ‘vexatious litigant’ until Home Office in London blocked it as an abuse of process. Continue reading

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#FlyingVet #MauriceKirk needs help on Wison Airport in Nairobi on historic flight to South Africa

Can someone ring Wison Airport, (for small aeroplanes) Nairobi to see if they can help?

Even with parts?

The community of pilots posts:


to Sophie FCO
Thankyou, Thankyou for FO intervention

Please tell my daughter I, since leaving Gambella, Ethiopia, have been vomiting with severe nausea, head aches to mild ones…all very rare experiences for me….today in Kapoata it all seems to be over ….taking my malaria tablets …..

Suffered minor injuries by locals and whipped but all is forgiven —-“When in Rome…..” ……Maurice clearly provoked the autication out of plain frustration of being made to sit under an apele? tree for two days doing nothing!!!!)

Armed escort does not arrive until 9!”!!! the hours lost flying to Nairobi…..but I must not complain…..the south Sudanese hospitality quite humbling and incredible …….(could seek citizenship if it goes on like this!)
3 hour drive at least and hope the old girl is not upside down in last night’s winds
At The Mango Camp hotel using their internet but must return to new Kuleu hotel tel ? where armed guard pick me up at 9am local time for treck across a desert instead of some inter galactic exercise, as brother michael used to say.

local time GMT+2
Where do I send you the box of chocolates and bunch of flowers?

He has dispatched a cry for help.


Maurice has crashed late last night desperate to get into Kenya…

Don find me, please, in Kenya, anyone who can be paid to rescue the old girl just 30 k from Lokichocio on the only road?

She needs a minimum of a left u/c and prop …..the rest can be bent straight to get out……thorns have made her a ‘a little ragged’ !

Our local governor insists in sending me to Juba tomorrow ….my injuries are minor or old war wounds given a joult! worried about the the nausea and vomitting….a bottle of Tim’s Carey wine would not go a miss!

After a night in a police cell, an experience I do not recommend, hours in the dust and dirt back to Koepata an Mango hotel but a hot bath and full english breakfast……dream on …… I remain ashamed at the standards they live by as to where I have just existed for 24 years…..real poverty every where …..I remain besotted with this place despite the ‘hardships’.

Is there anyone out there than can just locate and supply the spares he needs?

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First Solo to Australia, then Missing in Africa TWICE… and found ALIVE TWICE! #FlyingVet #MauriceKirk

He made history by flying a historic plane to Australia in 2001:

And under the Severn Bridge in 1967:


Here’s Maurice’s Facebook page.

Here’s his historic site that can’t be maintained any more.

16-11-27-mjk-iqEstablished in Caswell Clinic in 2009, courtesy of South Wales Police, for three months, to the left is the evidence of Maurice’s IQ being in the top 1% of the population.

This may explain his ability at a true explorer’s type of navigation as people did in the centuries before technology of GPS and compass.  A true explorer!

A 47-page summary of ‘assessments’ whilst in Caswell Clinic can be made available to anyone interested in bridging the gap between the madness of Caswell Clinic and the genius of Maurice’s ability to get lost and found in Africa, when participating in a rally – because he loves to “break the bonds of earth.”

And here’s a list of mainstream media links compiled by a friend of his – due to having been lost and found – in Africa – twice:

BBC: British pilot Maurice Kirk missing in Africa rally ‘found alive’

British pilot missing in Africa after vanishing during vintage plane race

Maurice Kirk, 72, was attempting to fly from Crete to Cape Town in a 1943 Piper Cub plane when he disappeared on Tuesday

A British light aircraft pilot was missing in Africa last night after disappearing during vintage plane race. Continue reading

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David Gareth Evans Barrister


This arrested and now sacked Cardiff Crown Court barrister told the truth on oath in Bristol Crown Court in that he had no knowledge of Mr Kirk ever receiving the restraining order in the Cardiff magistrates cell on 1st Dec 20011.

This has not stopped the Cardiff cabal, of course, in having Mr Kirk further jailed for nearly three years, to frustrate his civil claims against them , gaoled for breaches of a restraining order from an in lawfully procured harassment conviction to protect Dr Tegwyn Mel Williams from ever giving evidence again when promised his victim will not be the one to cross examine the police concocted nonsense.

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Dr Tegwyn Williams Welsh Police Conspiracy Spreads to Somerset



I suggest the content of this document indicates what happened in court on 4th November 2011– see facebook



HM Courts and Tribunal Service HQ           Your Refs CO/4737/2014

The Ministry of Justice                                         2016/P1/11303

(old Home Office building)

St James Park


24th October 2016

Dear Sir/Madam,


  • Proposed Claim for Judicial Review re ABUSE OF PROCESSTo: Cardiff County Court Manager       
  1.        HMC&GTS (Wales)  
  2. The Claimant: Maurice J Kirk 
3   The defendant’s reference details

No reference

4  The details of the legal advisers, if any, dealing with this claim: May be

5   The details of the matter being challenged

South Wales Police gave instruction to Swansea prison staff to remove the claimant in his wheel chair from the prison van and then someone lied to Mr Justice Gilbart on 21st January 2015 that their MAPPA 3/3 victim was refusing to enter the prison van.

The claimant’s sister was quick to inform the welsh court that this was a lie.

Record of claimant’s complaint was applied for to be preserved, anticipating the usual conduct to delay, in that he even heard the direction over prison ‘walkie talkies’ to remove the claimant from the van thereby preventing his attending Cardiff Crown Cort sitting as The Administrative Court.

The case stated appeal was in pursuit to the over-turning of his prison sentence regarding the said police refusing to allow the claimant to have his passport returned by the Cardiff prison needed to obtain his BS614159 case records stored in France for safe keeping. Decades of police bullying and failure to investigate crimes committed against him, as in his 4th Action 7CF07345, are being unlawfully delayed due to exacerbate his medical condition.

6  The details of any interested parties include HMP Swansea, South Wales Police, HMC&TS (Wales), NHS (Wales) and GEOamey Custodial Service

7  The issues include:

Conduct contrary to Article 6 and the laws of natural justice have been breached by the prison’s actions and failure to disclose both police records of the criminal matter leading to the 21st January 2015 appeal re ‘case stated’. Failed disclosure of claimant’s custody records from both HM Prisons Swansea and Cardiff, Geoamey and HMCS&TS(Wales) court records is a common theme throughout twenty-five years of the claimant and family’s suffering.

Accentuated in this Swansea prison incident (3rd breach of purported restraining order) in that, on 1st Dec 2009 the clerk of the Cardiff magistrates court, Michael Williams, was ordered to both destroy part of the Cardiff magistrates court file and fabricate the remaining record but CCRC intervention finds the claimant had NOT even been served the restraining order.

The purported wording indicates the preventing the claimant’s publishing of the doctor’s indiscretions along with the then CPS prosecutor, in the conspiracy, to pervert the course of justice, one David Gareth Evans (photo to follow).

Dr Tegwyn Mel Williams was black-mailed by South Wales Police, while in collusion with Professor Rodger Wood of Swansea University who, himself, also contributed fabricated Caswell clinic medical records in that their victim should be sectioned to Ashworth High Security Prison, indefinitely, due to his ‘significant brain damage’.

The police purpose was to thus kill off the claimant’s formidable claims against Cardiff’s cabal culminating in the Chief Constable’s fabricated ‘machine-gun’ conspiracy in the hope in having her adversary in court, shot dead.

  • The details of the action that the defendant and interested party is expected to take

Disclose court, custody and MAPPA and IRIS surveillance records etc etc.

9  ADR proposals

This doesn’t seem appropriate in this particular case, unless the other respective parties have alternative proposals.

10    The details of any information sought

With the police, having successfully getting the claimant struck off the veterinary register in 2002 on a ‘tissue of lies’ when none of which related to animals, from 2002 onwards had served on their victim no less than seven times HORT 1 traffic infringement tickets to produce his driving documents.

On each occasion the police were told, in appropriate language, the claimant had no intention, what so ever, in producing any driving documents. The claimant therefore seeks disclosure of police records concerning each of the 7/8 incidents (one outside Wales) when each HORT 1 was torn up by the claimant, often in the face of each welsh police officer to hear nothing more.

These records are also needed in the ongoing BS614159 and associated claims for damages in the Cardiff County Court and now Taunton Magistrates for the substantive trial this welsh conduct appears to have now caused leading to the claimant’s arrest and custody.

Taunton magistrates, tomorrow, may enquire as to why the claimant was never prosecuted for his actions for an ‘absolute offence’ seven times?

This Parade, Taunton, incident was immediately followed by the two Somerset police officers taking instructions from the South Wales Police and Dolmans, solicitors for them defending in the civil claims.

No seizure notice was therefore served on the claimant for his WW2 Piper Cub, trailer and car parked in The Mall the day before or again in the centre of Taunton as, it appears, the habit of Welsh police irregularities have been ordered on others in England. No HORT 1 was served on the claimant either as it was clear, following instructions from dolmans via welsh police, he is exempt of the law, the rule of law- an expression alien to the South Wales authorities.

  • The details of any documents that are considered relevant and necessary

As above and a lot more.

  • The address for reply and service of court documents

See Kirk Aviation business card     ‘find me under the wing of the cub’

13 Proposed reply date

I would invite you to respond well before fourteen days of receipt of this letter as it is abundantly clear that this matter concerning South Wales Police withholding prison video and police contemporaneous record, to deliberately delay ‘due process’ of 24years civil proceedings, has already been brought into question by Lord Justice Sweeney this year and requires your immediate attention.

Yours faithfully




R U Welsh?…..then read up who first rolled hot chocolate for the first Yeatman’s (spelt wrong) Watford chocolate factory where I was lost, for a long time, imagine, at 7 years of age and where my grand dad also created ‘chocolate buttons’ and converted plain cane sugar ( glucose/fructose) into invert sugar and ‘Sunny Spread’!


Court predicted reply as this pretence of ‘not under standing’ has been a welsh tactic against the English for centuries. In this case the criminal judged refused Janet Kirk the right to take notes on my behalf as I could hear very little from behind the bullet proof glass. I had gained entry to Cardiff prison and before being arrested for being in the prison without lawful authority no less than six CCTV cameras had witnessed I had arrested prison officer Rogan for withholding my passport following a phone call from the police.

Now the RCJ has castigated those perpetuating the welsh habit, in open court, this 2nd legal challenge by me is to have the automatic quashing of the Rogan prison sentence for’ assault’.

The six cameras caught my arrest of Rogan from six angles but, of course, no welsh judge would allow disclosure of evidence for immediate acquittal of an Englishman.

No one will ever change their bitter, ‘chip on the shoulder’ against the English  and with some inherent deceit is found in a few in high places.

On 26 Oct 2016 13:16, “Administrative Court Office Cardiff” <> wrote:

Good afternoon Mr Kirk,

I am unable to establish what, if anything you are asking the administrative court to do. You quote numerous case numbers throughout your document but I can see nothing that specifically makes reference to asking the administrative to take action.

Can you please clarify if this was for the administrative court or whether it relates to an action in another court (i.e county court, high court, court of appeal….)


Administrative Court Office, Cardiff

Tel: 02920 376 411  

From: Maurice Kirk [] Sent: 25 October 2016 21:40 To: Cardiff County, Hearings Subject: YET ANOTHER BLOCKED CARDIFF COURT CASE CO/4737/2014

Please find another enclosed for your shredder

Maurice J Kirk BVSc

Tel 07708586202                                 ______________________________________________________________________



to Civil, Criminal, Administrative
Your reply was anticipated……Any possible delay in a clear incident of the  Welsh Authorities again blocking my access to court (for the 7th time) simply because I have proved time and time again rampant deceit percolating through the stench of Cardiff courts.
switched WANTED014
 26th Oct 2016
I enclose , again, for a reply, please, as the HMC&TS (Wales) appears to be continuing to give me the ‘run-around’
St Doha
2223- Merdrignac
Your Ref:   2016/PI/11303
31st July 2016
Civil Appeals Office
Royal Courts of Justice
Dear Sir
I thank you for your letter dated 13th July 2016 regarding my Appellant’s Notice and Supporting Grounds of Appeal sent to the court in this matter.
You state that the matter was referred to the Master of the Court of Appeal who directed that the court had no jurisdiction to deal with the application concerning the order of Mr. Justice Blake dated 15th April 2016, on the basis that there is no right of appeal regarding an order made under CPR Pt. 52.17(7).
However, it was made plain in my Grounds of Appeal that I considered that the Honourable Judge had in fact proceeded with my set aside application under the wrong rule, when he could and should have considered the application under CPR Pt 3.1(7) to revoke the previous order of dismissal of Mr. Justice Gilbart made on 21st January 2015.
Without prejudice to whether or not the court had jurisdiction to consider an application to appeal against Mr. Justice Blake’s order, the prohibitions in respect of appeal didn’t apply to Mr. Justice Hickinbottom’s subsequent order dated 14th June 2016.
This wasn’t an application under CPR Pt. 52.17(2), but an application to set aside Mr. Justice Blake’s previous order purportedly made under CPR Pt. 52.17(2).
Mr. Justice Hickinbottom purported to rule that he had no jurisdiction to entertain my application for set aside in respect of Mr. Justice Blake’s previous order.  As can be ascertained from my supporting Grounds of Appeal, I don’t agree with that ruling, and irrespective of whether any appeal would have lain directly in respect of Mr. Justice Blake’s order, the prohibition against an appeal didn’t apply to Mr. Justice Hickinbottom’s order.
I consider that the paper ruling of the Master of the Court of Appeal was a denial of access to justice under article 6(1) ECHR as incorporated under schedule 1 of the Human Rights Act 1998 accordingly without any hearing regarding the matter under review, or hearing my submissions relating to jurisdiction etc.
I would therefore request that the matter be referred to a Lord Justice of Appeal accordingly or the matter be remitted back to the Master for further reconsideration accordingly.
I re-enclose a copy of my original Appellant’s Notice and Grounds of Appeal and the three orders of Mr. Justice Gilbart dated 21st January 2015, Mr. Justice Blake dated 15th April 2016 and Mr. Justice Hickinbottom dated 14th June 2016.
I look forward to hearing from you accordingly.

Yours faithfully

Maurice Kirk BVSc

CCRC have the Evidence of Cardiff wide corruption, re Dr Williams, MAPPA3/3 , Caswell Clinic court officials etc but appears to refuse to disclose …..’nothing new under the sun’ where the Welsh judiciary is concerned and what has happened to that outstanding arrest order ??????? Policitically embarrassing is it?


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