Police Failed Disclosure Proven at Last


16 04 11 dolmans garrotte tape disclosed

Adrian Oliver Dolmans

During the 2013 civil trial of evidence from 99 witnesses the trial judge had denied the Claimant the right to call key police officers featuring within their 24 years of a well orchestrated conspiracy to withhold facts that would have, over wise, have proved my innocence and therefore preventing my name from being removed from the veterinary register on issues that had nothing what ever to do with the welfare of animals.

16 04 12 tape 1

For the need for His Honour Judge Chambers QC, in late 2008, having to issue yet another futile court order on Barbara Wilding, the then Chief Constable, despite her having to personally swear an affidavit was like treating me as some cretin who still believed the rule of law prevailed in Wales.

This embarrassing criminal act of falsification caused her to dream-up the ‘machine-gun’ conspiracy and ‘shoot to kill’ idea but only  by using private solicitors, Dolmans, in also conspiring in having their victim and ‘gravy train’ first charged with ‘being in possession of a WW1 Lewis machine-gun’, for the mandatory 10 year prison term but actually concocting a scheme to frustrate their victim even getting a fair civil yet alone a criminal trial.

[Just how many more crooked Cardiff court judges, I ask the UK tax payer, is it going to take when still all reliant on their very own police having to continue blackmailing the now sacked Wales Chief Forensic Psychiatrist, Dr Tegwyn Mel Williams, to uphold his original  psychiatric reports purely to block the ‘machine-gun’ trial?]

Even Judge Seys Llewelyn QC has indicated that neither Dr Tegwyn Williams  nor the real rogue behind this continuing persecution of their victim, Professor Rodger Wood of Swansea University, examined their patient for  the Cardiff Crown Court or had  the qualifications.

As a Barry police station registered MAPPA category 3 level 3 individual,  roaming our streets as an extreme danger to our community, was not a trite irresponsible of the police in not  telling their victim had a suspect brain tumour before having him shot?

Asylum Seeker from Persicution

Contrary to what the CPS say and hence CPS barrister David Gareth Evans’ arrest, no ‘restraining order’ was ever served on Maurice Kirk  on 1st December 2011 in the cells of Cardiff magistrates courts. Only in a Cardiff court could such a simple fact be hushed-up.

In their pathetic attempt in covering up the truth in that in law it cannot be an act of harassment if crime is being further detected. Subsequent juries, in turn, have all been denied countless court, police and Geoamey Custodial Services records of those facts.

Then, suddenly this year, one of the many purported Claimant interview tapes, obtained from their victim back in 1993, is mysteriously ‘disclosed’ despite the trial judge having already denied the relevant key police witnesses giving evidence.

Key witnesses included:

  1. Ex Sergeant Hill who confiscated the CPS file, in open court, at the collapse of the Anti-Terrorism/smuggling pigs into Eire Barry magistrates case.
  2. Inspector Andrew Rice Featuring so heavily in having my name removed from the veterinary register and unable to legally fly


3. CPS prosecutor Stan Sofa following his arrest after 24/7 surveillance was again proved in any attempt to prevent this veterinary surgeon his right to practice veterinary surgery.

4. Barbara Wilding

. Rtd Inspector Trigg who had aided with many others to withhold the identity of their victim to Cardiff magistrates as they waited for his extradition to Guernsey, of all places despite  his own clients complaining of their veterinary surgeon being assaulted

6. Ex Sergeant Rundles who had witnessed evidence of countless burglaries of their victims veterinary surgeries only to tell the jury, to have him struck off, they had all been simply ‘criminal damage’ to massage t he police current appalling police statistics

7. Cardiff Air Traffic Controller, Johnathan Clayton, who had slipped their was a police video tape in existence of the extremely dangerous police helicopter ‘beat -up’ fo their victim’s aircraft contrary to Air Navigation Order law that had to be completely hushed up with the aid of the Civil Aviation Authority

93 05 20 Interview Tape.jpg


16 04 19 BS Tape judgment

Hill afidavit exhibits

It is of interest to note and curious to some that still the Cardiff courts refuse to consider my  applications to vary a purported but never served restraining order which , in itself , appears unlawful.

But who cares in South Wales as with brexit promised they get a step closer to their own judiciary and police force neither answerable to either London or the European courts.

Now, with HMCS (Wales) altering and also destroying  the sensitive parts of the original court records of the harassment trial,  ending on 1st December 2011 but tape recorded throughout, what will the taffia dream up next with Dr Tegwyn Williams sacked and deported to New Zealand  for his conduct when those in the know it was never his fault in the first place!

Interesting in that the CCRC now admit that when it acquired that original court file for me, in early 2012, it was completely different in content but when asking for it again, as the 4th May 2012 jury had asked for it.

16 07 20 CCRC Damning Admissions

‘Little new under the sun’ in this little lot

The police had seized the prosecution exhibits used in the subsequent appeal, my sister and others were told, during the 3rd ‘breach of a restraining order’ trial.

On the 1st March 2012 before HHJ Hughes is where it should of been sorted but he was of a funny hand shake brigade that has, alas, the welsh community in a strangle-hold reminding me so much of my days in Guernsey having fled Taunton’s ‘curly’ Hawkins persecution informing others, in writing,  ‘the prisoner is most dangerous and likely to try and escape’.

Taunton, where I was happiest and where Uncle Maurice worked with Dad as veterinary surgeons.

And was all worth fighting for?

Uncle Maurice Lille Northern France


45 03  03 Lille Northern France




to be continued……..




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Alun Michael Police Commissioner for South Wales Police responds


Dear Mr Kirk,

The law states that the Police and Crime Commissioner for South Wales is the “Appropriate Authority” to deal with complaints about the personal conduct of the Chief Constable of South Wales Police.  You contacted the Independent Police Complaints Commission with a complaint and the Commission has passed your complaint on to me for attention.

I understand that you are making complaints about both the previous Chief Constable, Barbara Wilding, and the current Chief Constable, Peter Vaughan. Unfortunately , the IPCC have made an error in copying your complaint and some pages are missing- these are pages 9,10 and 11 of the paperwork you provided to Chris McCoy at the IPCC during your meeting. I would be grateful if you could provide me with a copy of those pages.

Your complaints against Barbara Wilding will not be recorded because they are a repetition of complaints which were made some years ago and were dealt with by the then South Wales Police Authority. That matter is therefore closed and I cannot consider or take any further action in respect of those complaints.

You set out your complaint against Peter Vaughan is as follows: “The current Chief Constable has caused the sudden release of a purported true copy of my interview tape taken while I was in custody in Fairwater Police Station, Cardiff”.

In order to give proper and objective consideration to your complaint I need to make sure that I understand it.  I am therefore writing to you to seek clarification in respect of this aspect of your complaint.  Please can you answer the following three questions :

  • Please explain what evidence there is to show that the Chief Constable personally committed the action you allege?
  • Please will you provide me with that evidence ?
  • Please can you explain what has caused you to think that the Chief Constable released your interview tape?

I would be grateful for any further information and/or evidence you can provide in respect of this complaint.  Any information you provide will be carefully considered and I will give you a response as soon as possible.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Alun Michael

From …………….

Rt. Hon. Alun Michael

Labour and Co-operative

The Police & Crime Commissioner for South Wales


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Alun Cairns MP Secretary of State for Wales

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Criminal Cases Review Commission Collude with Cardiff Magistrates on CPS Shredded Evidence

DRAFT just for starters

Pre-Action Protocol

Fabricated Restraining Order by Welsh Judiciary

I give you notice that legal proceedings against the CCRC will commence forthwith if you do not give a substantive reply as to why you will not answer my Bristol and Cardiff lawyers’ letters or even mine, sent for over five years, requesting disclosure of both Cardiff Magistrates and Cardiff Crown court records.

These records were sent to the CCRC by these courts but withheld by HMC&TS (Wales) from both Lord Leveson et al and myself at my March 2012 Criminal Court of Appeal when seeking to overturn the first of several prosecutions citing a ‘beached restraining order’ never served in the first place.

Your withholding of the clerk of the ’s notes, Geoamey records, police records and exhibits before District Judge John Charles, when I was unlawfully convicted of ‘harassment’ of police blackmailed Dr Tegwyn Williams, Chief Psychiatrist for Wales, is unlawful.

I need only enclose just two documents  again to you, exposing this multi-faceted conspiracy amongst public servants in the Cardiff Cabal, to cite criminal conduct, namely:

  1. Part of my smuggled into prison 27th January 2012 Crown Court transcript


  1. my 15th December 2011 summary, then for websites, listing other court dates of related hearings containing record of similar ‘malfeasance in a public office’ so rife here in South Wales when pensions are at risk without quickly securing a conviction on their victims.


Maurice J Kirk BVSc

Extract of a recently received missive

Dear Matilda,
I have found this 10th August 15 Cardiff Magistrates letter confirming its  original 1st Dec 2011harassment conviction file was returned to it by the CCRC in January 2012 following complaint with some bag, along the line, telling the court clerk, H Jones, to quietly remove all key documents before predicted disclosure applications during the shortly to be heard  4th May 2012 Jury trial.
The report in the Sun newspaper, incidentally, due to the trial , judge’s flagrant disregard for article 6, the arseole Cardiff judge john Curran, still makes us laugh
A bunch of blatant liars throughout the whole of your judiciary, it appears to be, in a pathetic attempt to cover-up their inherent deceit and other dirty habits.
love to the kids and two of your grape pips are to bear fruit this year!

7 August 2015

Both CPS (Wales) and HM Court Service (Wales) have deliberately withheld prosecution evidence from both CCRC and now the Information Commissioner’s Office, to do with Police psychiatrist’s fabricated medical records of me all used my many jury trials.

What the Cardiff trials did reveal, by cross examination, was likewise withheld for my appeals (see Mr Justice Lord Leveson et al March 2013 cover-up over hiding the 4th May 2012 succinctly worded jury-note even I knew nothing about.

16 08 02 CPS re no harassment.breach recds

12 05 04 Judge Ignored Jury Note


Claimant Position Statement BS614159 etc &
7CF07345 (4th Action)/C90CF012 (parole board)/1CF03361 (machine-gun) etc.

13th July 2016

Dear Madam,

1. 7th August 2015 FOI application to disclose the above is refused by the CCRC

2. November HM Crown Prosecution Service letter, under FOI, reveals it is also refusing to disclose above

14 11 25 CPS FOI054

3. CCRC continue to refuse to reply to their victim’s letters for same

16 06 12 CCRC ignored req for discl

116 04 11 ICO ignored letter

4. CCRC state, as full disclosure of 1st 2011 Cardiff magistrates ‘Harassment’ conviction despite devoid of:

I) clerk of the court’s contemporaneous notes

II) any copy of either CPS or Defendant applications

III) any copy of any court exhibits of which this case is pivotal

IV) the court log

V) nor how, by whom, when or where the subsequent ‘restraining order’, re South Wales Police/Dr Tegwyn Williams fabricated psychiatric reports, was served on their victim knowing, full well, no such service ever took place.

5. His Honour Judge Seys Llewelyn QC continues to refuse to disclose Cardiff court public/Claimant lodged records despite having adjudicated over the similar withholding of South Wales Police MAPPA 3/3 fabricated records to incarcerate their victim, indefinitely.

6. No lawyer can be found in the UK to even draught a Judicial Review Application against the CCRC or even obtain copy of the above public records from Bristol HM Crown Prosecution Service. It had admitted this in Bristol Crown Court of having them during their victim’s re located appeal for having arrested the original 1st December 2011 corrupt prosecutor, barrister David Gareth Davies of Park Place Chamber, Cardiff as he had repeatedly lied the original public gallery and subsequent 4th May 2012 Cardiff Crown Court jury whilst fully protected by His Honour Judge John Curran presiding.
Their cosy relationship, all based on greed, is now guarrenteed longevity should Brexit succeed.

Maurice J Kirk BVSc
16th August 2016

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Welsh Judiciary Pulls Another a Flanker


County Court
14th August 2016

Dear Sir/Madam,


Court Seized Claimant’s 1993 Custody Interview Tape

93 05 20 interview tape

[Mysteriously ‘found’ in a Cardiff police station after 23 years only to be promptly seized by the court, to further delay, when not giving my own property back].

16 08 13 1CF03361 Machine Gun NoticeofApplication

Machine Gun CPS Brief to Jury

10 9 20 SWP Caspar notes 2

1. I am writing about the above case in which His Honour Judge Seys-Llewellyn QC said he handed down his judgment on 27th October 2015. The learned Judge also then extended time within which to appeal to a further date in, from memory, in January or February 2016.

2. You will also recall that the learned Judge also extended time within in which to file an Appellant’s Notice in the Royal Courts of Justice to 21 days from the date in question.

3. I have tried to file an Appellant’s Notice with the Civil Appeals Office, in this matter, on at least three occasions but have been informed each time by that office that they require a sealed order of the court regarding the matters that I am seeking permission in order I may appeal against it.

4. The Court of Appeal Office has also informed me that without such an order it will not accept the Appellant’s Notice and that I would also need an extension of time if refiling with such an order.

16 06 01 RCJ CA refusal

5. It seems that the court either at the handing down of the judgment on 27th October 2015 or after the later hearing, when time for appeal was extended, believed it was sent or was an oversight. Therefore, I request that either the court amends under the slip rule one of its original directions orders or issue a supplementary order setting out which actions were dismissed by the learned judge and which ones were allowed with damages to be assessed etc. Then, again, I may return to the Court of Appeal Office with the appropriate eligibility.

151026 Approved SWP Judgment KIRK v SWP

6. I am told that such an order is required by the Civil Appeals Office and is also required for the issue of res judicata and cause of action estoppel. I also understand that the court may indeed hear and receive further argument right up to and until the relevant order has been drawn up and sealed. I, in particular, refer to yet undisclosed police records despite court orders

7. In addition, in the event that such an order is now drawn up, I would also invite the court grant permission to appeal and to further extend time within which to lodge an Appellant’s Notice in the RCJ under CPR Pt. 52.4(2)(a) to 21 days of the issuing of the relevant order accordingly.

8. There is a second serious matter in that no one can find, for me, any evidence of the ‘corrected approved’ 257 page judgment having ever been sent to me by email by the Cardiff court, in late October 2015, as purported.

9. Thirdly and equally serious is that this Claimant also did not receive a copy of the purported returned police ‘corrected’ draft judgment originally sent for parties, in confidence, when gross errors remain in the said document. Your court clerk has no record either I was told.
Yours faithfully
Maurice J Kirk BVSc

16 08 11 Somerset CountyGazette

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Criminal Cases Review Commission Collapsed Conspiracy

Dear John,

The CCRC’s latest weasel worded  letter to DL is yet another sham, riddled with lies to cover -up the truth just to protect the hand that feeds them, the HMC&TS(Wales), Welsh Assembly , NHS (Wales)and Welsh police, all frantic for judicial autonomy, to bleed the locals even more, while the  overall HM Partnership drain on this country has already stretched our  resources to the limit.

,,,,see Paragraph 7 of their 20th July 2016 letter on web 


16 07 20 CCRC Admissions Letter.jpg

CCRC has finally given the game away for even the chap on the ‘Clapham Omnibus’ to understand….as if it was not so bloody obvious, years ago, from the start of this routine scandal the Welsh Assembly allow on the English.

They just cannot forget Offa’s Dyke and just why it was built in the first place.

Protecting chief psychiatrist for Wales, Dr Tegwyn Mel Williams, was priority as he was not even qualified on brain scans and had written a psychiatric report, for my extended imprisonment, even before he had examined their victim, me!

The poor bugger was being blackmailed to write it it ….Caswell Clinic staff knew that , his good wife knew that but the gravy train must be preserved at what ever cost.


Only when he applied for my  indefinite incarceration in Ashworth, IPP, just for Barbara Wilding, that lying bitch of a then Chief Constable, despite his October 2009 psychiatric report for Recorder of Cardiff, Her Honour Judge Elei Rees.

Judge Neil Bidder QC, in Dec 09,then  stated the contrary, as he has had the habit to do, to have my name removed from the MAPPA registry on the 17th so why was that if not b;looody obvious?

Judge after judge then set about preventing me having those, my personal concocted medical records, specifically to over ride Section 35 of the Mental Health Act 1983, including that scheming little bastd Nicholass-Cooke QC to gaol me for daring to argue over my being denied my own albeit fabricated medical records in his filthy little hands as he dared talk down to me on facts that did not concern him but destroyed my family life….the evil little shit

‘Cover-up Cooke’ , as my family know him as from suppressing a ‘dangerous driving’ case collapse, also concocted from Barbara Wilding, with the support now  of HHJ Seys Llewellyn QC.Both also knew about the police conspiracy trying to fool that jury, my secretary following each prosecution witness into the loo to deter a habit of passing some thing else and again another jury, by painting the machine -gun a different colour–toy town stuff driven by non accountable plain greed

In 2012 NHS (Wales) then used teams of lawyers, at huge tax payer expense,  as  the little buggers knew if I ever obtained those falsified medical records (court exhibits) before any judge in England the ‘proverbial’ would of hit the fan, big time.

Justice Ministry UK records, assuming the Welsh writers  were honest stated I was to be locked away for life, NOT because I was the registered MAPPA 3/3 police victim, which  I was but because Tegwyn, stated in writing, he was frightened that Norman Scarth Esq , Patrick Cullinane Esq nd Peter Oaks  Esq might be able to climb over the Caswell Clinic 14 ft security perimeter fence! and confront him on in the habits of voracity on their Zimmer frames. ITS ALL THERE IN THEIR RECORDS.and I have a signed copy of one.


The last time CCRC says it ‘obtained the original court file’, now returned to Cardiff Magistrates, was AFTER the CCRC had already obtained it, at my specific Dec 2011 request from prison, before being it was partly shredded/re written/redacted but even I did not believe this CCRC Birmingham bunch  were all in the conspiracy together.

That was in Feb 2012 when the CCRC clandestinely returned the 1st Dec 2011 harassment of police doctor conviction court file having found ( witnessed by 10 Mackenzie Friends, from all over Europe in the public gallary)  that the clerk’s notes,(MICHAEL WILLIAMS) in there and mid trial switched CPS exhibits,(DAVID GARETH EVANS), also recorded, with advise—-destroy thm.


I, oh so needed themfor my expected acquittal in my 1st April rather than nearly a three year term in Welsh prisons but had only been achieved by no less than 12 evil judges, including evil HUGHES with that 1st April 2012 farcical appeal hearing.

Witnesses  were again prevented from giving evidence with one  of mine, on crutches, attacked , physically, by Tegwyn’s wife because she knew the witness knew and give that evidence, the the reason for the senior police management in the their HQ conspiracy had originated from HHJ Nicholas Chambers QC’s order of 2009  for the Chief Constable, the bitch Wilding, to disclose police records created from some 60 odd police incidents by now, involving their victim, me, only to be put in prison , police cells or subjected to the  stench of yet another Welsh law court only to be invariably acquitted of all charges but refused even my bus fares.

Our so called prestigious CCRC then advised the Cardiff magistrates to shred the clerk’s notes and police exhibits and my applications re appeal grounds etc, destined for the 4th May 2012 first of three jury trials , for breach of a restraining order, which was, of course , never served on me , afterwards, in the cells as Geoamey manager , (LEE BARKER) lied to the jury about….AGAIN WITNESSED BY faithful McKenzie Friends.

Still undisclosed court records held the usual refusal list needed for Europe.

[I am bored with this disgusting story from depravityville, Cardiff and will proof readish some other time …..at least I am currently breathing clean air in England] 

CCRC then quietly applied for 1st Dec 11 file again, WITHOUT ME KNOWING but making sure it was after, AFTER the 4th May 20012 jury trial (1st Restraining Order alleged breach conviction) which is why the ‘jury note’ was then hidden from me and Their Lordships for my 2013 Criminal Court of Appeal absurd hearing held in Cardiff Crown Court, of all places !!!…

Their joint judicial replies by letters were particularly comical , when I has heard months later from a court gallery observer …a jury in in existence but was handed to bastard Curran who, in turn, did a deal with trial CPS liar, David Garath Evans of 9 Park Place Chambers, Cardiff that also housed many of the judges I have just been told who I therefore arrested…. quite incestuous isn’t it, kids?

Remember, children, your father was forcefully removed from the court dock on 4th May 2012, recorded in the sun newspaper, to prevent him producing his legal papers as exhibits for the jury AND so as to not witness the jury note coming into existence and then passed to presiding judge

That little shit, Judge John Curran, then deceived the jury there were no 1st Dec 2011 clerk’s notes, exhibits or record of my usual pre appeal requests ‘available’ ,,,,see transcript I think my sis quickly acquired at the time

The wording of their Lordships in March 13 judgment is particularly interesting and stupidly recorded now on parchment and my web sites

No wonder the UK judicial cabal of crooks are laughing all the way to the bank now while we, who work, are all heading for Brexit and doom

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HHJ Seys Llewellyn QC’s Recuse Refusal in Cardiff’s HM Partnership Conspiracy

South Wales Police arrange another eight months for me in Swansea prison, without any court or tribunal hearing needed, by simply fabricating  forensic history along with their MAPPA/’machine-gun’ fairy tales

This is yet another action over police bullying, to slow me down but because nearly all parties are protected by ‘HM’why do I bother? Forget anyone here applying the law

16 07 31 Cardiff’s Caliphate

SWP court docs 19th July all files

HM Treasury solicitor’s office had purloined the rest of my files when desperate to block an Englishman exposing the daily corruption in Cardiff courts and South Wales police stations. These files in the photograph were the remaining in His Honour Judge Nicholas Chambers QC’s den in the Cardiff Civil Justice Centre with, no doubt, HMC&TS (Wales) withholding from him their secret red file, marked:


His Honour Judge Seys Llewellyn Qc refuses to give to me copy or even let me see its contents as he promised not to, no doubt, when he took over the cases in 2010 when  the then Chief Constable, Barbara Wilding, had made a swift exit from stage, to early retire, to safeguard her pension following the previous court judge having ordered her disclosure of police records to me leading therefore needing her to setting up the ‘machine -gun conspiracy’ and ‘shoot to kill policy’ to get me shot.

Vexatious Litigant Registration Attempt 4

One of many clandestine attempts, back in the 90s and now, to try and cover up the truth.

Vexatious Litigant Registration Attempt

All these files of mine were sent  to HM Treasury Solicitor, by Cardiff Civil Justice Centre, never to be seen again when all frantic with their local police force to have me registered that rare species, roaming the plains of the United Kingdom tundra, known as a’ Vexatious Litigant’.


He refused to open the door

Vexatious Litigant Registration Attempt 3

Vexatious Litigant Registration Attempt 2

Maurice Kirk & Norman Scarth

A today Missive from an Exiled Brit Forced to Live in Eire

To Mr Paul Kernaghan CBE QPM, the Judicial Appointments and Conduct Ombudsman.


First, I express the hope you might take your position more seriously than did your predecessor, Admiral Sir John Brigstocke.

No person of integrity could accept a position with such limitations on his powers (as stated by him whenever any SERIOUS complaint came up).  So narrow was his remit (according to him)his position was just a sinecure ‘non-job’, its only purpose being to provide him with a salary for doing nothing.   

IF the Judicial Investigations & Complaints Office was doing its job, why on earth did we need an Ombudsman?

Mind you, the Admiral’s website did say that one of the powers he did have was to“recommend changes to the judicial complaints process”.  Then why on earth didn’t he do so?

When it was obvious that those running the ‘judicial complaints process’ were completely useless (or corrupt), why did he not recommend that it be ripped up, root & branch, & new people be appointed who WERE concerned about misconduct by the judiciary?

Perhaps YOU might do so Mr Kernaghan?

I start my specific complaints by complaining about Judge Peter Lane, along with Judge Robin Callender Smith, tribunal member Dr Henry FitzHugh & Mr Steve Shaw (see attached ‘decision’, which includes the information that if I want to complain against him, I now leapfrog over the JICO, directly to you),  

I then complain about Miss Jane Keeling, Case Worker at the JICO, whose letter of 17 June 2016 (ref. 24652/2016) told me that, instead of her department dealing with the complaint (as would have been logical), “Complaints against tribunal members need(?) to be made to the relevant tribunal President in the first instance.”

Who SAYS they need to be’  (thus involving more & more people, casing more delay, more & more expense?) 

Do they make up new ‘rules’ every morning?

So what are my complaints against jj Peter Lane & Callender Smith, tribunal members Fitzhugh & Shaw, et al?

The Chilcott, Hillsborough & Rotherham Inquiries have all made it clear that crime is not confined to those generally thought of as the ‘criminal classes’.  There are at least as many among those who rule us, & have power over us – including the judiciary!

Central to this matter was serious crime committed against me by West Yorkshire Police on 8th August 1999.  ALL those involved in blocking my attempts to get disclosure from WYP(from the so-called ‘information Commissioner’ onwards) have been determined that the crime shall remain covered up.  That being so, they have ALL become ‘accessories after the fact’,i.e. they have ALL  become part of a large criminal enterprise!

Amongst the ridiculous things said by Admiral Brigstocke was that as allegations of corruption were ‘not within his remit’(???), we should ‘report it to our local police station’!

In this case, it was ‘the local police station’ who committed the original crime – the one they are desperate shall remain covered up!

Tragically, the fact that the Legal/Judicial Mafia & bent coppers protect each other, is one of the reasons why ‘Justice’ is in such a parlous state in Britain!

I hope you are as concerned as I am about this! 

The situation has been allowed to fester over several decades.

I trust that you, as a new broom, will treat it with the urgency it warrants.

 If you want more evidence – I have it!

Yours sincerely,

Norman Scarth.


HM Partnership’ is here to stay, Norman, if ‘Code Napoleon’ or some other more suitable European agreed judiciary is not now going to be formulated for us. The ‘rule of law’ is dead in our cherished United Kingdom and with Brexit it will only get even worse.


Now, what is going on in the Dyfed Powys Police, right next door to us ?

Similar scale to corruption in Cardiff’s courts & South Wales Police force?

Llangunnor Six

The Llangunnor Six after a visit with senior police staff with oh so similar complaints

Please watch this space


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