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#Corruption Reform #Paedophilia and Satanic Ritual Abuse #SRA – the topics of the Royal Commission into New South Wales Police in Australia

Originally posted on Victims Unite!:

This report was produced in 1997 in Australia, but is as relevant here and now as it was there and then.

Volume I is 183 pages long and covers Corruption.

Volume II is about Reform on 327 pages

Volume III covers appendices on 246 pages.

Volumes IV and V are the Paedophile Enquiry with more appendices on VI

Volume IV Chapter 5 covers Satanic Ritual Abuse on 17 pages.

What if the UK also discovered that the Police runs the show by blackmailing paedophiles in high office? For that’s the gist of this very thorough Royal Inquiry.

An amnesty was offered for police officers who came forward.

Here, we also need a major compensation fund for all the victims of the police not investigating crimes, besides Police destroying evidence (Haringey) or the Prison not allowing Maurice Kirk’s evidence to leave the prison…

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“Maurice Kirk’s complaint of theft to City of London police” – “POLICE INFORMANT IN THE CAMP” 17/07/2015

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Psychiatry – Tool of Oppressive Government

Sabine Kurjo McNeill:

Six years on and still having to fight…

Originally posted on Psychiatric News:


Maurice Kirk – Fixated Threat?

Article by Mike Robinson

oct 5th 2009

The trouble with establishing a dictatorship through stealth is that people both within and without the system begin to protest. Not everyone is afraid. Some speak their minds. Some fight. And when people fight, inevitably the truth starts to leak. Initially such leaks can be put down to “conspiracy theory,” or “eccentricity,” but eventually, as the dictatorship gets closer to fruition, the numbers of people seeing the truth are too great. It is at that point, that the establishment acts to silence the dissenters.

Maurice Kirk is one man who has caused that establishment no end of trouble.

Maurice Kirk is a capable veterinary surgeon. He has been fighting establishment corruption for decades. He has taken a civil case against South Wales Police for harassment because they have been covertly monitoring his movements for a long…

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#MauriceKirk FREE talked to #HampsteadWhistleblower: #Terrorist or #SystemAnalyst?

It was a pilot friend of Maurice’s who discovered that there is an Interpol Notice out so that I can be apprehended at any airport in the UK and treated as a terrorist. That’s what I have in common now with Maurice, ever since MAPPA (Multi-Agency Public Protection Agreement) was used to have the licence to shoot and kill, since he was supposed to be a terrorist.

I’m a mathematician whose thinking was trained by diagnosing software at CERN, until I got bored, had a serious car accident causing chronic pain since 1973 and re-inventing myself all the time. Is that maybe a prerequisite for being treated as a terrorist?

I phoned Maurice [his IQ was found to be in the top 3% of the population while he was incarcerated at Caswell Clinic] after I got an email from his sister with a new phone number from him. Continue reading

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#Victims #Prisoners #LitigantsInPerson #McKenzieFriends #Whistleblowers Unite!

15 01 27 PETI roomI am re-fuelled from visiting Brussels on Tuesday for a meeting of the Petitions Committee where Ellie Popova presented her case: Help Megan Return to her Bulgarian Mum. I reported as MOBILISING Bulgaria in the #EP_Petitions Committee in EU Parliament.

As is to be expected, MEPs are appalled to hear what is going on in secret family courts in the UK. BUT:

  1. the UK authorities were invited and only sent a letter
  2. no UK MEP was present – except the assistant of Jude Kirton-Darling who had been so supportive before.

Given the pace at which EU institutions work, it doesn’t seem to be worth filling in an online petition for Maurice. But his Parole Hearing scheduled for 4 February has now been cancelled without reason:

Good morning

Parole hearing for Maurice John Kirk A7306AT

I have been informed that the parole hearing for Mr Kirk on the date given has been cancelled.  Parole hearings do not fall into the responsibilities of Domestic and Legal Visits booking so I am unable to give you any further information on the matter.

If you have any queries you will need to write into HMP Swansea.

Kind regards,

Christopher Jones
Domestic and Legal Visits Booking Clerk
HMP Swansea

So it looks as if he’ll be 70 behind bars on 12 March! Courtesy of South Wales Police and all related key people in key positions: in prisons and courts.

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